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Article By Ryan Randels and Corey Davis. All individual Photographers are mentioned and linked.

We’re going to start something new. Each week we serve up some of the web’s hardest-hitting automotive media on the social channels. As we continue to grow our network of professional and amateur automotive photographers, the level and quality of our content continues to rise. Thumbing through our contacts and submitted content, a few shots naturally jump out as being particularly distinctive. Whether it’s the subject matter, creative composition, photographic style, or simply pure automotive grandeur, there’s something that sets these apart from the rest. From the dozens of automotive photos that we serve to you every week, we start to nail down what we consider to be the best of the best. We present our Weekly Top 10 Automotive Photos.

Clarity. Exposure. Sharpness. Tone. Contrast. Subject. These are all qualities that define a great photograph. And they're exactly what we're looking for. For the first couple of weeks, we will provide a little insight into why exactly we chose these images so that everybody can gain a better understanding of what we and our community are looking for.

Weekly Top 10 Media Greg Lynch Flamethrowner Rat Rod

This is one of those images that simply elicits raw emotion. Let's be honest--what's cooler than a rat rod expelling six foot fireballs?

Photo Credit: Greg Lynch

Weekly Top 10 Media Itz Kirb Photography Pagany Hyuara in America

Exclusivity. That's exactly why we chose it. Because you're staring at (at least when the photo was taken) the first and only Pagani Huayra in the United States. Not to mention it's a perfectly sharp and high-key (which apparently we like).

Photo Credit: Itz Kirb Photography

Weekly Top 10 Media Alex Penfold Photography McLaren P1 on the Streets

This was chosen simply because it was one of the first legit shots of the McLaren P1 that we've seen in the wild and that didn't entail the markings of a PR press kit. Simply gorgeous car that we can't wait to see some more of.

Photo Credit: Alex Penfold Photography

Weekly Top 10 Media Zeno Zache Photography Ferrari Enzo ZXX Rebuilt by Edo Competition

This shot is raw. And the history behind the supercar is even more remarkable. Remember when the yellow Ferrari Enzo FXX Evolution went careening off the road into the Atlantic during the 2011 Targa Newfoundland? What was thought to be totaled was completely rebuilt by the masterminds at Edo Competition and subsequently dubbed the "Enzo ZXX". With a completely new interior, upgraded exhaust and a power increase to over 900hp, they did a fantastic job restoring it.

Photo Credit: Keno Zache Photography

Weekly Top 10 Media Moisseyev S13 180SX Technical Detail

We love seemingly technical photos like this. Fantastic toning and composition that perfectly complements the build itself. This is a remarkable S13 180SX that we would love to see some more of! Be sure to check out his Facebook page for some more shots. Under the hood is where the goods are at.

Photo Credit: MOISSEYEV

Weekly Top 10 Media E46 M3 HDR Shot by Damian Hock

The lighting is spot on and the color of the car pops from the already epic background. The long exposure gives the clouds and scene movement in a static shot, a great touch.

Photo Credit: Damian Hock




Weekly Top 10 Automotive Photos Mitch Hemming Gathering of GT-R's. All the GTR Skyline Generations

A great photo overall. This could be a poster! We love how symmetrical the photo is and the subject placement is excellent. Full of win.

Photo Credit: Mitch Hemming



Weekly Top 10 Automotive Photos Jeremy Cliff 1971 Lamborghini Miura S Side Profile

One word: lighting. The paint on this car looks like liquid. Love the highlights around the wheels and the overall tone of the image. The term that less is more really holds true with this photo.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Cliff





Top 10 Weekly Automotive Photos Ben Hosking Industries Fastback Mustang Rig Shot

Such a sick Mustang, the orange in this rig shot pops out at us. We love motion that is conveyed as the car glides through the frame.


Photo Credit: Ben Hosking




Weekly 10 Top Automotive Photos Gil Folk Photography F40 Bonneville Salt Flats

The location and subject in this shot elevates this photo to another level. No distracting man made elements, just the car, salt flats and an epic sunset. The fact that there's water showing the reflection of the car really ties everything together.

Photo Credit: Gil Folk

The People's Choice Selection

Weekly Top 10 Automotive Media Marcel Lech Pagani Hyuara Rear Shot

With nearly 500 Facebook Shares and 2,000 Likes, we couldn't help but put this in!

Photo Credit: Marcel Lech

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