Pub Note Volume I - The Modified Lifestyle


Article by Ryan Randels.

Well, it’s official. Revvolution has moved into a new era. We went on a little hiatus for a few weeks and took a real look at what we’re working toward and have now developed a clear direction for the future of Revvolution and the Team. Our path has never been so clear.

Over this past year, we’ve been able to experience some really great events, some of which many would never have had the opportunity to enjoy in person. But under the veil of the media, we’ve been blessed to not only cover but also be a part of these events. We’ve been able to live what we’ve heard so much about—events such as Shift-S3ctor’s Airstrip Attack, TX2K, MFEST, PPIHC, and others have taught us much about the world we live and play in and helped define the direction and what it means to be part of Revvolution.

When we first developed the concept of Revvolution, we wrote about passion—that Revvolution was essentially a place where we can all celebrate a shared passion. And this will never change. No matter what the face of Revvolution looks like—the cars we photograph, our videos of various events, the lifestyle we live—the theory that sustains us will always be the same. What changes along the way is how we express our obsession, the way the culture has embraced us, and how it allows us to continue doing the things we do.

You may have noticed that we recently changed our slogan from "Auto Enthusiasts United” to something that better defines our mission. While we’re still and forever will be a group of enthusiasts united by a common bond, our new slogan much better represents who we are and how we plan on moving in that direction. From this point on, the Revvolution mantra will be "The Modified Lifestyle.” As we continue to acknowledge the outward expression of individualized passion, we will continue to live The Modified Lifestyle.

The Modified Lifestyle isn’t just about how you modded your car, the history behind it, how clean it is, or how low, fast, or well it can handle the corners. It’s bigger than that. It’s about the movement. The camaraderie. The friendships. The collective passion. The clothing. The parties. The music. The nightlife. It’s about how we live as we make conscious decisions to live outside the "norm.” It’s about creating an extension of our personalities through the things we care about—not just through objects but also through the way we do it. The way we modify our cars, the way we associate with fellow enthusiasts, the way we dress, the tattoos we wear, the life we live. These all help define the culture we collectively create.

When you define the term culture, Webster’s defines it as "the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.” This in itself proves the inherent difference between lifestyle and culture. Individuals live lifestyles, and when a group of enthusiasts express themselves in a similar fashion, they work toward defining a culture. So, here at Revvolution, we’re celebrating the individual—the passion that an individual can express by means of their lifestyle—The Modified Lifestyle.

That being said, it’s important that we express our direction in the coming months. We’ve noticed that somewhere along the way we’ve lost some of the most valuable concepts that guided us in founding Revvolution. And we’re going to bring them back in their full glory along with much, much more. Not only do we pride ourselves on creating the web’s hardest-hitting automotive media experience, both photographic and video, but we also care about how we reached this point. We care about the stories behind the cars, the people, the events, and the technology. Over the next few months, we will be rolling out some great event coverage. We will feature some great Scene Theory pieces that further highlight the underlying collective lifestyle, which is the culture. And from there our vehicle features will be rolling out in full force, all to be backed by articles that highlight the technology used to modify our cars. Not only will we be rolling out performance-related articles as we once did (the Building Block Series), but we’ll also have some amazing collaborators to look into the world of high-definition automotive stereo, style, and aesthetics. We want to show you how to bring your car and the way you live your life to the next level—to meet and then exceed the true mantra of Revvolution.

Moving forward, I, we, Team Revvolution, formally introduce you to, The Modified Lifestyle.


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