The Targa Trophy Experience Event 3 Los Angeles to Las Vegas

Mopar Viper SRT ACR Targa Trophy

Article and Photography by Corey Davis

Founded in 2007, Targa Trophy is no stranger to the automotive lifestyle and culture that we've grown so close to and love. When we first caught wind of this rally, we literally had no idea what it was all about. That changed this weekend when we attended our first TT Experience, Event #3, the Euro vs. JDM Festival and Rally from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

So, what is Targa Trophy? It's a single-day rally based on a predetermined "target time.” Teams are made up of a car, a driver, and a navigator. The rally begins with a stopwatch at the starting line, and competitors are required to navigate to various checkpoints along the way. Each checkpoint is documented by a photo that is uploaded to Facebook or Instagram. The goal is to complete each checkpoint and make it to the finish line as close to the target time as possible. The team that does this the best takes home the trophy. It's important to state that this event isn't at all like Bullrun or Gumball 3000, with cars flat out racing each other. Reckless driving is frowned upon. However, this didn't stop teams from a little "spirited” driving—if you know what I mean.

The Euro side Targa Trophy

Porsche 911 Turbo Targa Trophy

Bishimoto's Porsche 911 twin turbo is certainly a vehicle of historical significance in more ways than one—such an awesome build and one of our favorites.

Eco Wash Targa Trophy

All cars were required to be spotless before starting out. If you were in a pinch, Eco Luxury Detail was happy to offer their services.

HRE Wheels on RS5

Being in California means there's no shortage of HREs. All the local big-name sponsors were here in force. Notice the carbon ceramic brakes just peeking out.

For this particular rally, the starting line was at the Red Bull HQ in Santa Monica. Gates opened at 8 a.m., and teams soon started rolling in for registration and parked in their respective areas. This was a great time to check out all the cars, reunite with friends, and relax before the rally. All teams were required to sport the official Targa Trophy badge on both front doors, which made it easy to recognize fellow Targa Trophiers. There was quite a unique mix of cars, ranging from a modified Toyota Camry to a fully built show car—a Liberty Walk Widebody M3. After enjoying all the eye candy and drooling over some of the cleanest rides the West Coast has to offer, it was time for the Drivers Meeting and to get the show on the road. Once everyone was briefed, the mass exodus began, as teams started to line up to begin their journey to Las Vegas.

Registration Table Targa Trophy

The lovely ladies of Targa Trophy working the registration table.

Targa Trophy Badge

Gotta get all those bubbles out!

Vinyled Out

Targa Trophy

Pontiac Firebird Targa Trophy

Burt Reynolds would be so proud. Props to this Firebird!

Widebody Audi All-Road Targa Trophy

This Allroad caught my eye immediately. It would also later go on to win the "Best in Show European Make."

Matching Nikes to go with GTR Exhaust Targa Trophy

Some shoes to match the exhaust.

BMW 1 Series on HRE's Targa Trophy

Targa Trophy LA TO VEGAS

Food and beverage was provided by the Meet 'N Potatoes food truck. Their breakfast burritos were awesome.

Matte Green 1 Series Targa Trophy

Camaro ZL1 Targa Trophy

HRE Wheels Targa Trophy

HRE's wheel colors just keep getting better and better. Definitely an eye catcher.

Brabus Mercedes CL Targa Trophy

Porsche 911 Turbo Engine Targa Trophy Bishimoto

A closeup of the Bishimoto Porsche's twins.

Group of Nissan GTR's Targa Trophy

Rallies just aren't rallies without GTR's.

SL65 AMG Black Targa Trophy

GTR's Targa Trophy

Whipple Blown Camaro Targa Trophy

Corvette Z06 Targa Trophy

Targa Trophy LA to Las Vegas

A shout out to my driver, Summerville.

Euros Targa Trophy

Viper SRT ACR Targa Trophy

Evo Targa Trophy

Driver's Meeting Targa Trophy at Red Bull HQ


BMW M5 Targa Trophy

Red Bull HQ DJ at Targa Trophy

Liberty Walk BMW M3 and BMW 1 at HRE Wheels Targa Trophy

Bernardo's Widebody Liberty Walk M3 is a SoCal celebrity. Such a wicked looking car!

Red Bull HQ Santa Monica Targa Trophy

AWD Nissan GTR and Subaru WRX STi Targa Trophy

Some AWD brothers from different mothers.

Gumball Audi R8 Targa Trophy

Whipple Supercharger Targa Trophy

What an engine bay! Whipple has some of the best looking kits around.

Whipple Supercharged Chevy Camaro Targa Trophy

Porsche GT3 RS Targa Trophy

Yes, that's a $14,000 picnic table.

BBI Porsche 911 Turbo Targa Trophy

Audi RS5 HRE Wheels Targa Trophy

Targa Trophy Starting Line SRT Viper ACR Red bull

Each car was staggered 30 seconds apart before they could launch, and navigators frantically mapped out the quickest and most efficient route to each checkpoint, as shown below:

Checkpoint #1, the Tesla Supercharge Station in Barstow, CA. We arrived as a few teams were rolling up. In the distance, you could see other teams frantically searching for an exit after making the same wrong turn that we did. Teams posed their navigators in front of each checkpoint, snapped their picture, and then headed for the next destination.

GTR and EVO X at Stoplight Targa Trophy

Checkpoint 1 Tesla Supercharger Targa Trophy GTR

Nissan GTR Targa Trophy

Police Targa Trophy

The fuzz seemed to want to make a statement early. They were out in force!

Checkpoint #2, Peggy Sue's 50s Diner in Victorville, CA. Teams had to buy an ice-cream cone or souvenir and pose with their favorite dinosaur.

Audi RS Targa Trophy

Checkpoint 2 Peggy Sue's 50's Diner Targa Trophy

BMW M3 Targa Trophy

Checkpoint #3, Alien Fresh Jerky in Baker, CA. Teams had to buy their favorite flavor of jerky and pose the navigator in front of an alien.

Checkpoint 3 Alien Fresh Jerky Targa Trophy

We come in peace!

Alien Fresh Jerky Targa Trophy

The Alien Fresh' spicy jerky is a little too much to handle at times.

Widebody Audi Allroad HRE Targa Trophy

Mercedes CL63 AMG Targa Trophy

Chevy ZL1 Camaro Targa Trophy

Checkpoint #4, Red Rock Canyon Overlook just outside Las Vegas. This was coolest checkpoint and also the most scenic.

Presidents GTR Targa Trophy

Hey Bill!

Checkpoint 4 Red Rocks Canyon Targa Trophy Viper SRT ACR

Enjoying the sun and the view at Checkpoint #4 at the Red Rock Canyon Overlook.

Mercedes Targa Trophy

Audi R8 Porsche 911 Targa Trophy

BMW M3 Targa Trophy

Checkpoint 4 Red Rock Canyon Targa Trophy

Porsche Targa Trophy Spyder

Audi R8 Targa Trophy

BMW M3, BMW M5, Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Targa Trophy

Liberty Walk Widebody M3 Targa Trophy

Porsche 911 Turbo Spyder Targa Trophy

BMW M3 Targa Trophy

Hmm... Not too sure what happened here...

BBI Porsche 911 Turbo Targa Trophy

Ferrari F430 Targa Trophy

Nissan GTR Targa Trophy

Chevy Corvette Z06 Targa Trophy

Checkpoint #5, the final stop, was the MGM Grand, where teams could finally park for good and take a team photo in front of the giant Hakkasan Night Club logo.

After everyone settled in and checked into their rooms at the MGM, it was time to let the spirits flow. The awards ceremony kicked off at 8 p.m. in a private lounge, just below Hakkasan. Teams swapped stories of their journey out to Las Vegas and talked about how they barely escaped the sight of Johnny Law's laser gun.


Targa Trophy Experience 3 Top 3 Overall


Dax Snow - Audi A7

Jordan Jadallah - Audi S4

Chris Gotzman - BMW M5

Top 3 Best In Show

Best Euro - Evan Rowe - Audi AllRoad with AccuAir Suspension

Best JDM - Casey Wallace - Nissan GT-R

Best Overall - Bernardo Pena - LIberty Walk M3

All in all, Targa Trophy embodies the definition of an automotive lifestyle and culture event. It's all about having a great time and meeting people who share the same interests. I think what makes this event even more unique is that anyone can do it, and you aren't limited by not having a superfast car or special driving ability, although the latter certainly makes it a hell of a lot more fun. We at Revvolution look forward to covering the next Targa Trophy event. See you soon California 1000!


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