PurpleDrank: Matheo's ESS-Supercharged E92 M3

matheo perez bmw e92 m3 ess vt2-625 supercharged

Article by Stephen Daubert. Photography by Corey Davis.

Throughout the history of the sports car many companies have tried and failed to bring an enthusiast inspired car to market. In the late 1980’s BMW found the perfect mixture and have not strayed from it until recently. BMW enthusiasts around the world thought installing a large V8 into the E92 M3 would be sacrilegious, claiming it would soil the storied history of the M3, but the mad scientists inside BMW’s M Division did just that. Their new recipe spelled success, creating one of the most exciting M3’s that had enthusiasts everywhere drooling. This recipe swayed one individual’s mind toward it from other automakers, ending in a supercharged V8 fire breathing beast known on the streets of Denver as "PurpleDrank”, coined from its enormous purple manifold and matching blower.

Matheo Perez has a history of cars that is difficult to one up, so when it came time to upgrade he ran into a problem. Having such a diversified history and passion for all things automotive, Matheo’s options were limitless. Probably the best problem a person could have.

matheo perez bmw e92 m3 ess supercharged vt2-625 1

Matheo’s passion for all things automotive started early on. Ever since, he has been addicted to modifying, racing and making his cars faster. Owning everything from a 1967 Camaro RS to a SRT-4, Matheo’s taste in cars is expansive, but one passion has overridden almost all others—his passion for BMWs. Matheo has always had a passion for BMW’s, falling for their delicate yet aggressive bodylines and balanced performance. Even though Matheo’s passion for BMWs was strong he started his search by narrowing down the top cars within his reach a E92 M3, M6,Nissian GTR, Corvette Z06, CTS-V or even a MKIV Supra. Having such a diversified list of potentials meant Matheo had some tough decisions ahead.

matheo perez bmw e92 m3 ess supercharged vt2-625 peaking photo

After some serious time contemplating, Matheo finally came to a decision—an E92 M3. To him the M3 just felt right, while it wasn’t the "fastest”, he felt it was the best balanced while offering the greatest street enjoyment without sacrificing comfort or other amenities. These attributes were explicit must haves for Matheo. Matheo’s original goal was simple, enjoy it and keep it stock. But this lasted for all of a week before he could no longer resist the urge and called AR Design out of Denver, Colorado. The modifications soon began, the first round of upgrades came a couple weeks after owning the M3, starting with a set of bronze Volk TE37’s, AR Design exhaust and some KW Variant 3 coilovers. This soon turned into a downhill extravaganza of part shopping and modifying. The car went from bone stock to how it sits now in a little over 4 months’ time, Matheo definitely didn’t stick to his word on keeping the M3 stock. Since the M3 went under the knife, Matheo’s goal was to keep everything usable. He wanted to be able to hit the track one day and the next, drive to dinner. Matheo believed that it would be a waste to compromise the balanced performance of the M3 by adding too much power. Everything Matheo did had an end goal of being daily driven while remaining competitive on a road course and drag strip. This goal directed Matheo to only one option that would satisfy his urge for speed, balance and performance.

matheo perez bmw e92 m3 ess supercharged vt2-625 2

Forced induction was Matheo’s means of upping the ante. Matheo did his research and finally landed on the ESS 585 kit. At sea level these cars are pretty potent out of the box with bolt-ons, but in Colorado, anything naturally aspirated really takes a penalty to power, so FI was the only option. The M3 laid down 306 HP bone-stock and 349 HP with full bolt-ons, but Matheo wasn’t satisfied and wanted more. As soon as the ESS 585 kit arrived, Matheo had a change of heart and decided to upgrade to the ESS VT2-625 supercharger. With the help of the artificial atmospheric compression, the M3 ended up laying down 550hp/357tq on 6psi. Now Matheo is in the process of machining a pulley in hope of cracking the 600hp mark, after that Matheo said he would be thoroughly satisfied with the performance but was still concerned with the aesthetics. Having already created a unique M3 performance wise, Matheo wanted to the exterior to back up his car’s performance. Matheo and Premier Graphics decided on a brushed steel wrap that made the M3 look menacing. Adding a VRS front lip, VRS CLS bootlid, VRS rear diffuser, matte black kidney grills, carbon side gills and the custom illusion purple powder coated ESS Intake manifold, PurpleDrank’s exterior could now back up the colossal power beneath the hood.

matheo perez bmw e92 m3 ess supercharged vt2-625 engine shot

matheo perez bmw e92 m3 ess supercharged vt2-625 interior photo

matheo perez bmw e92 m3 ess supercharged vt2-625 engine photo 2

Matheo’s appreciation for all things automotive is the key ingredient to enthusiast lifestyle. Having such a strong passion towards cars and BMWs helps us relate to him and build camaraderie that could have gone unnoticed. Matheo believes there is almost an unspoken rule of the road that goes with owning a M3/5/6. Every time Matheo sees another one driving, there is almost always an exchange or acknowledgement between the two of them. The BMW community is small in Colorado, so it’s pretty rare to see another M driving around. Whenever you run into each other while parked, it always turns into a twenty minute conversation. This instant camaraderie fuels common ground with a complete stranger—having an M car offers something in common with another and brings together two entirely different people and allows for the opportunity to open up about shared passion.

matheo perez bmw e92 m3 ess supercharged vt2-625 pillar photo

Being an automotive enthusiast isn’t necessarily about cars but about creating new friendships and expanding your horizons with different cultures, backgrounds and interests. Matheo embodies the principals of Revvolution symbolizing what it truly means to be an automotive enthusiast. His unique M3 helps to illustrate how immense Matheo’s enthusiast is for all things automotive—and we certainly appreciate that.

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Great article Stephen! I want to see this thing got to MFEST with us next year!

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Great car. Head turner all day.

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Such a badass M3. I love how that thing sounds!