Gatebil Rudskogen 2013 - Epic Drift Weekend

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Gatebil 2013 . . . affectionately dubbed Europe’s hottest track day festival in 2013, and you know what? We just might agree. It’s an event that simply blows our minds every time we get wind of it, and we truly wish we could be there. Fortunately for us and the millions of other fans drooling over the footage that’s been leaking out over the past few weeks, Maxxis put together this film to highlight what it’s all about and how the chaos all goes down. From time attack to car show to vendor midway and a huge drifting exhibition, this event literally covers it all. Vaughn Gittin Jr. summed it up perfectly in his description, "One of my favorite tracks [in] the world, just 10 cars deep in tandem, in and out of drifting, in and out of traffic; it’s just, it’s just crazy. The really, really cool thing about it is all of these automotive cultures connecting through cars and drifting.” Believe us when we tell you that you have to check this out.

Be sure to select the Gear icon at the bottom of the player and select 1080p, drifting is always so much better in HD!


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Great video!! Thanks for posting this.