AMS Performance Sets New GT-R R35 World Record

ams performance world record 2013 gt-r r35

The iconic Nissan GT-R proved over the past decades that it’s one of the most respectable cars on the track and on the street. The latest R35 variant is no exception – loaded with state–of-the-art technology and aggressive styling. Extracting maximum power out of every revolution and defying physics in the corner, this is already a monster out of the box.

AMS Performance is at the forefront of pushing these monsters to their limits and then some. Working relentlessly to find weaknesses, developing the highest quality components, and continuous testing places the company as the world’s top GT-R R35 tuner and builder. The prototype workhorse, also known as the Alpha Omega, developing the Alpha product line, has broken many records and is one of the most featured GT-Rs in enthusiast magazines and websites.

AMS has taken the Alpha Omega GT-R to the max; it’s the first to hit 9s, 8s, and now 7s in the quarter-mile. Hitting the milestones was no easy task with the GT-R’s complex drivetrain. Always trying new approaches with its products and ECU calibrations and working very closely with other companies to push the envelope, it’s obvious AMS Performance will surely raise the bar again with this platform.

Check out this official video from AMS’s record-setting pass in its fully built and modified Alpha Omega GT-R R35 from July 11, 2013, at the Great Lakes Dragway.


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That is awesome, they finally got into the 7s. Does anyone know the weight of the car? From the looks, it doesn't look like too much was done to reduce the weight.

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It is hard to tell with these cars. Working with GT-Rs on a daily basis, most of the sheetmetal is necessary and few things can be done to cut down outside the standard, hood, roof, truck type things. There is a bulkhead in the back that is removable, and a few other items, but it generally does not amount to much in overall weight reduction. At the end of the day - its a big car.