America's Mountain: Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Friday Practice

nobuhiro monster tajima electric 1 2013 e-runner pikes peak special

Article by Ryan Randels. Photography by Corey Davis, James Harris and Ryan Randels.

Friday was the final day of practice and qualifying for the competitors in this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC). With one remaining group of classes yet to be covered, Team Revvolution cruised up to the middle of the mountain, where we shot the classes’ final sessions before race day on Sunday. With our attention back on the racecar competitors, we covered the Pikes Peak Open, Open Wheel, Electric, Exhibition, and Pikes Peak Vintage classes.

PPIHC Safety Vehicle 2013

sage marie exhibition class 93 2012 honda crz 1

rod moberly pikes peak open 21 2002 chevrolet camaro

hiroshi masuoka 32 2013 mitsubishi motors miev evolution ii

2011 Summit HER-02 Ikuo Hanawa

1991 Acura NSX James Robinson

2012 Mitsubishi Motors MiEV

corey davis team revvolution photo sniper

There’s something special about watching a handful of open-wheeled, purpose-built racecars roar past you, literally shaking the frozen tundra beneath your feet. But when they’re followed by seemingly silent electric cars that are able to propel themselves up the grades of the mountain with little more than the whine of a Toyota Prius and the audible alarm of an ice cream truck, you know you’ve found an event unlike any other in the world.

With Friday’s practice sessions being the final opportunity for the competitors to push their vehicles, we found that many of them were making minute adjustments to dial in their chassis, suspensions, and drivetrains for optimum response and reliability. To have gotten this far is a true testament to all the hard work, remarkable dedication, and unbridled enthusiasm that the teams, manufacturers, and supporters have demonstrated for this undertaking.


These cars may look like stock cars from the outside, but major modifications can be done to their engines, transmissions and suspension. Pikes Peak Open Record: Romain dumas (2012), 9:46.181.

Freightliner Cascadia Mike Ryan

1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Lane Schranz

randy shranz pikes peak open 17 2013 shelby cobra

1966 Shelby Cobra Randy Schranz

2007 Chevrolet 1500 Kevin Murdock

1972 Porsche 914

rod moberly pikes peak open 21 2002 chevrolet camaro 2

gregoire blachon 20 1996 subaru impreza boxer diesel

1996 Subaru Impreza Boxer Diesel Gregoire Blachon


The traditional race car on Pikes Peak. Their appearance ranges from an Indy car style to a dune buggies. Open wheel cars have competed in every Pikes Peak International Hill Climb since the first race in 1916. This is a very fast division. Open Wheel Record: Robby Unser (1994), 10:05.85.

2012 O'Maley Special Spec II Rodney O'Maley

2012 Wells Coyote MAC Autosport GTM 350T Dan Novembre

2012 Ford Open Clint Vahsholtz


The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb recognizes the future of electricity in the automotive industry. It is through this effort that constructors of electric vehicles may showcase their engineering excellence of these truly unique vehicles. Electric Record: Fumio Nutahara (2012), 10:15.380.

2012 E-RUNNER Pikes Peak Special Nobuhiro Tajima

nobuhiro tajima electric 1 2013 e-runner pikes peak special zoom pan

Nobuhiro Tajima

ikuo hanawa electric 8 2011 summit her-02

2012 Toyota TMG EV P002 Rod Millen

2012 Mitsubishi Motors MiEV Evolution II Greg Tracy

rod millen 76 2013 toyota tmg ev p002

janis horeliks electric 100 latvia 2013 eo pp01

2012 eO PP01 Janis Horeliks

ikuo hanawa electric 8 2011 summit her-02 2


In keeping with the mission statement of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, specifically to "demonstrate advancements in the practical application of motor sports technology,” the race encourages vehicles that don’t fit into one of its regular divisions to enter in the Exhibition Division. Exhibition Record: Rick Knoop (2012), 10:56.240.

sage marie 93 2012 honda crz 2

2012 Honda CR-Z Sage Marie

simon pagenaud exhibition 770 2011 honda odyssey

2010 Honda Odyssey Touring Simon Pagenaud


These vintage race cars make us remember back to the glory days of Pikes Peak with cars like; Mustang, Cobra, Mercury and Lincoln too. Eligible cars are those manufactured in 1990 or earlier.

1965 Ford Falcon John Rodgers

1972 Porsche 914 6 John Barid

john baird 395 1972 porsche 914

chris lennon 167 1973 porssche vintage 911 rsr

1967 Porsche 911 Base Dan Rose

dan rose pikes peak vintage 554 1967 porsche 911

1967 Ford Fast Back GT 350 Ralf Christensson

We cannot wait for Sunday’s event—keep an eye on, as we provide live streaming and social media coverage of the 91st running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

official ppihc safety car


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