America's Mountain: Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2013 Race Day

sebastien loeb winner pikes peak hill climb peugeot 208 t16

Article by Brian Hannon. Photos by Corey Davis, James Harris, Eric Gearhart and Stephan Sullivan.

The 2013 edition of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) is a race we won’t soon forget. We saw records shattered, unpredictable weather, redemption for some, scary crashes for others, and a huge audience both on and off the mountain (and around the world). There was also a feeling of great expectation for the future, but we’ll get into that a little later.

The Peak PPIHC 2013

2013 ppihc pace car

2013 ppihc

2013 ppihc

2013 ppihc ducati

2013 ppihc carlin dunne

2013 ppihc honda

2013 ppihc ducati

2013 pihc acura nsx

2013 ppihc akrapovic girls

Flag Girl 2013 PPIHC

2013 PPIHC Porsche GT3 Cup

pikes peak international hill climb 2013 ppihc

There’s no denying the fact the participation of one Sebastien Loeb brought a lot of attention to this year’s race. Red Bull’s media blitz leading up to the Hill Climb helped bring in an audience that normally doesn’t pay much attention to a unique event like the PPIHC. That’s not to say his chosen ride for the race didn’t raise some eyebrows. Constructed by Peugeot Sport, his AWD 208 T16 Pikes Peak not only decimated the previous record, but it also broke through a barrier many thought would last a long time – nine minutes.

sebastien loeb 208 pikes peak winner 208 t16 pikes peak special

sebastien loeb 208 unlimited 2013 peugeot 208 t16 pikes peak

2012 Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak Sebastien Loeb

208 sebastien loeb unlimited peugeot 208 t16

However, some say since it’s now completely paved, the race is not the same. We can’t argue with that, it isn’t the same race it was. The car control previously required to slide up the mountain was otherworldly. In some ways, it makes Monster Tajima’s 10-minute barrier-breaking record run in 2011 all the more impressive on a mixed track of dirt, gravel, and pavement. But this change isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The window is now open for new challenges. Case in point, Loeb’s jaw-dropping run of 8:13.878. With the asphalt laid all the way to the top, there are higher limits of adhesion, and the racers can achieve speeds unheard of even three years ago. Now, do other manufacturers come in and try to eclipse the eight-minute barrier? How fast can the more privately funded teams go? For the Hill Climb to move upward and onward, maybe the best thing to happen was paving.

tajima monster 2013 ppihc

monster tajima bad weather pikes peak international hill climb 2013

Speaking of Tajima, last year he came out with an all-new electric vehicle to try and prove to the masses that EVs have a place on the hill. (We already know this is true; it’s just a matter of time until the bigger teams really commit to EVs.) Last year, he had to bow out because he had technical malfunctions at the start of his run. This year, with the same vehicle with minor alterations, he not only set the record for electric vehicles, but he also broke last year’s KOTM record, as well. Imagine what he could have done last year if everything was in working order.

2012 Hyundai PM580T Rhys Millen

Rhys Millen came out with his purpose-built Hyundai PM580T to set a new record and confront Loeb and Peugeot head-on. While the time Loeb laid down proved insurmountable, he destroyed his previous record by more than 40 seconds, which is a major feat in itself. He did mention he left a little time on the mountain so we look forward to seeing him well into the eights in 2014!

jean-philippe dayraut unlimited 3 2011 mini countryman 1

Jean-Philippe Dayraut also came out with less fanfare than his contemporaries, but he came to play ball. He overcame his crash last year and ran up the mountain with a 9:42.740, besting last year’s record in a Mini Countryman powered by an R35 GT-R engine. Attention Mini: You need to build this car for consumers!

5 carlin dunne lightning motorcycles electric

One man who raised a lot of eyebrows was Carlin Dunne. Last year, he set the motorcycle record on a Ducati Multistrada, running a staggering 9:52.819. This year, Lightning Motorcycles picked him up, and he took his chances on an electric bike in one of the fastest-growing classes. While he didn’t break his existing record for a motorcycle, he did set a record for fastest electric bike with a 10:00.694 and took the 2013 KOTM motorcycle title – by a whopping 14 seconds!

paul dallenbach tim attack 98 2013 hyundai genesis coupe

208 sebastien loeb peugeot 208 t16

A few drivers found redemption on the mountain in 2013, and Paul Dallenbach was one of them. After crashing out in dramatic fashion in 2012, he returned undaunted in Rhys Millen’s Time Attach Hyundai Genesis from last year and pretty much matched Rhys’ time almost exactly. For a guy who crashed out of the last two hill climbs, this was huge.

pat doran unlimited 46 1986 ford rs200

After TWO massive crashes, yes, TWO, Pat Doran actually got his RS200 back together and successfully ran a 10:14.187.

76 rod mllen electric 2013 toyota tmg ev p002

Rod Millen was another familiar face back on the mountain. He rekindled his class rivalry with Monster Tajima, this time racing electric cars instead of their traditional unlimited beasts. While he couldn’t best Tajima this year, he raced his Toyota TMG EV002 to a time of 10.24, finishing fourth in class. Not a bad return!

romian dumas

After Romain Dumas’ beat-by-a-hair finish last year to Rhys Millen, Dumas came back with a vengeance and one hell of a machine this year. His practice times by the end of the week showed he had a chance of challenging Loeb for the top spot and was a bit ahead of Rhys. Unfortunately, because of a technical malfunction, he made it only a mile up the course. We hope he’ll return next year with an even bigger chip on his shoulder.

jeremy foley pontiac solstice

After becoming an Internet celebrity with one of the scariest crashes on Pikes Peak last year, Jeremy Foley shook off the experience and returned in a Pontiac Solstice. Unfortunately for him, he threw a rod and couldn’t complete the race, once again. We’re happy to report, though, he gently pulled off to the side of the road this year.

code loveland lovefab

Cody Loveland brought a ridiculous car last year and didn’t disappoint us this year. Unfortunately, his tube-framed, one-off, carbon-fiber, twin-turbo, LS1-powered Enviate suffered a mechanical malfunction in the first practice of the week when a control arm failed and he went piling into a rock less than a mile up the course. To add insult to injury (luckily, his were minor), the car caught fire and was essentially irreparable in time to race.

Clouds Rolling in PPIHC 2013

pikes peak international hill climb 2013 road and weather

pikes peak international hill climb 2013 poor weather raining and hail

2013 PPIHC Fog

If you live in Colorado’s Front Range, you know that during the summer we always get afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Mother Nature did not disappoint this year. We knew we were in for it when it started to snow on Sebastien Loeb during his post race interview.

After that, the rains came and had a direct impact on the classes, just look at the guys who finished mid-pack in Time Attack. They got stuck in the middle of the downpour. If the rain wasn’t enough, fog rolled in, and some drivers reported visibility was less than 100 feet; not good when you have 156 turns to negotiate!

sead causevic time attack 79 2013 scion fr-s 1

david kern time attack 156 2005 mitsubishi lancer evolution

toshiki yoshioka 104 2013 subaru brz

75 david rowe time attack 2005 mitsubishi evo 9rs

79 sead causevic 2013 scion fr-s 2

73 fred veitch time attack 2001 porsche 996 turbo

317 jamie melhuish time attack 1992 bmw 325i

110 takeshi aizawa time attack 2011 scion tc

326 tim hardy time attack 1987 bmw 325

david rowe tim eattack 75 2005 mitsubishi evo 9rs

Hazardous 2013 PPIHC

So, what is in store for the future for the Hill Climb? Though the race has had its ups and downs over the years, the attention brought to this year’s event is possibly a real break-through.

bruno langlois pikes peak 1205 2013 ducati multistrada

pikes peak international hill climb 2013 helicopter

pikes peak international hill climb 2013 helicopter

We’re certain that other manufacturers won’t want to let Peugeot hold the record. Audi, we’re looking at you. This used to be YOUR mountain. Look at what Peugeot did in a short amount of time with a relatively small team and borrowing a lot of off-the-shelf parts from their Le Mans program. Last we checked, Audi, you guys were pretty decent at Le Mans. Just saying.

770 simon pagenaud exhibition 2011 honda odyssey

1991 Acura NSX James Robinson 2013 PPIHC

Honda’s presence this year was awesome, as well, racing just about everything they make! And you can tell they were having fun, they were racing a freakin’ turbocharged Odyssey! This kind of enthusiasm is what the event needs.

One addition we’d like to see is more American manufacturers involved directly in the Unlimited class. Ford has extensive WRC and RallyCross experience that could lend itself to an ultra-competitive car. And we know Chevrolet can back a solid competitor, look no further than the marque’s past dominance at Le Mans with the Corvette. Heck, they could even build a Volt racecar for the Electric class to tout their technology.

All in all, we’re excited about the future, and we know a lot of the race sponsors are, too. Next year’s event promises even more, and you need to try to make it to Colorado to experience it in person!

Sebastien Loeb 2013 PPIHC

Sebastien Loeb 2013 PPIHC

2013 PPIHC

2013 PPIHC

Top Three Finishers By Class Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2013

rhys millen hyundai 2013 ppihc

dave carapetyan unlimited 959 2013 rally ready pp9

88 spencer steele unlimited 2013 pva pva

67 rhys millen unlimited 2013 hyundai pm580t


Sebastien Loeb – 8:13.878, 1st overall
Rhys Millen – 9:02.192, 2nd overall
Jean-Philippe Dayraut – 9:42.740, 3rd overall

jerad voight time attack 77 2010 chevrolet camaro ss rs

robert walker 86 2013 scion fr-s 2

jeff zwart time attack 111 2007 porsche gt3 cup

david donner 2 2008 porsche gt3 cup 2

199 john edwards-parton time attack 2003 mini cooper s ppihc 2013

15 thomas wright time attack 2003 mitsubishi evolution 8

78 kash singh 2008 ford shelby gt 500

sead causevic time attack 79 2013 scion fr-s

429 scott crouch 2004 subaru wrx

paul dallenbach 98 2013 hyundai genesis coupe 3

86 robert walker 2013 scion fr-s

Time Attack

Paul Dallenbach – 9:46.001, 4th overall
David Donner – 9:53.581, 7th overall
Jeff Zwart – 10:13.856, 10th overall

34 greg tracy electric 2013 mitsubishi motors MiEV Evolution 2

1 monster tajima electric 2013 e-runner pikes peak special

76 rod millen electric 2013 toyota tmg ev p002


Nobuhiro "Monster” Tajima– 9:46.530, 5th overall
Hiroshi Masuoka – 10:21.866, 13th overall
Greg Tracy – 10:23.649, 14th overall

clint vahsholtz racing

Open Wheel

Clint Vahsholtz – 11:07.305, 32nd overall
Donner Billingsley – 12:06.840, 68th overall
Rodney O’Maley – 12:22.250, 77th overall

17 randy shranz pikes peak open 2013 shelby cobra

25 robert prilika 2010 porsche gt3 cup

777 mike ryan pikes peak open 2008 freightliner pikes peak special banks turbo

777 mike ryan pikes peak open 2008 freightliner pikes peak special

20 gregoire blachon pikes peak open 1996 subaru impreza boxer diesel

Rod Moberly 2002 Chevrolet Camaro 2013 PPIHC

902 james robinson pikes peak open 1991 acura nsx

Pikes Peak Open

Randy Schranz – 11:21.410, 41st overall
Layne Schranz – 11:29.245, 44th overall
Robert Prilika – 11:33.437, 47th overall

770 simon pagenaud exhibition 2011 honda odyssey

9 kenshiro gushi exhibition 2013 lexus is f ccs-r


Kenshiro Gushi – 12:03.085, 65th overall
Simon Pagenaud – 12:54.325, 96th overall
Sage Marie – 14:06.446, 123rd overall

365 john

372 ralf christensson pikes peak vintange 1967 ford fast back gt 350

Pikes Peak Vintage

Ralf Christensson – 12:08.507, 69th overall
Christopher Lennon – 12:16.837, 75th overall
John Jack Rogers – 12:30.306, 83rd overall

bruno langlois

42 micky dymond pikes peak 1205 2013 ducati multistrada

Pikes Peak 1205

Bruno Langlois – 10:21.323, 12th overall
Wes Orloff – 11:40.009, 52nd overall
Bobby Goodin – 11:46.728, 57th overall

michael henao pikes peak superbike 750 787 2006 kawasaki zx-6r

dusty labarr suzuki 2013 ppihc

Pikes Peak Superbike 750

Michael Henao – 10:31.499, 18th overall
James McKay – 11:09.460, 34th overall
Erik Dunshee – 11:41.938, 54th overall

jeff grace

197 michelle disalvo heavyweight supermoto 2009 suzuki rmz

Heavyweight Supermoto

Jeff Grace – 10:57.928, 26th overall
Joseph Bernard Toner – 11:04.319, 29th overall
Eric Piscione – 11:05.278, 30th overall

2013 ppihc

Pikes Peak 450

Jeffrey Tigert – 10:32.964, 19th overall
Davey Durelle – 10:38.697, 22nd overall
Dan Berendes – 10:56.724, 25th overall

250 codie vahsholtz

210 cachary jacobs pike speak 250 2009 honda crf250r

Pikes Peak 250

Codie Vahsholtz – 11:24.792, 42nd overall
Jason Archuleta – 11:52.715, 60th overall
Matt Meinert – 12:02.029, 64th overall

steve marty pikes peak 250 138 2013 ktm 250 sx-f

ppihc 2013 quad modified getting into turn

42 theo bernhard quad modified 2007 yamaha yz 465

Quad Modified

Michael Coburn – 11:05.874, 31st overall
Mike Ell – 11:09.995, 35th overall
Theo Bernhard – 11:38.810, 50th overall

dave stock vintage 22 1971 yamaha cheney 750 1

Vintage Motorcycle

Dave Stock – 12:42.969, 89th overall
Bobby Spann – 12:53.110, 94th overall
Lloyd Hale – 13:00.684, 99th overall

ppihc 2013 wade boyd side car 88 2006 suzuku gsrx

bruno marlin side car 113 2012 benelli tnt 1130

pikes peak international hill climb 2013 ppihc sidecar division class

187 john wood side car 1996 windle suzuki

Side car

Wade Boyd – 11:26.987, 43rd overall
Masahito Watanabe – 11:41.837, 53rd overall
Christophe Lebert – 12:15.250, 74th overall

carlin dunne electric bikes ppihc 2013

carlin dunne 5 2013 lightning electric superbike

2004 Ducati 749RS Lloyd Meador

74 michael leon exhibition powersports 2011 amarok p1a

Exhibition Powersports

Carlin Dunne – 10:00.694, 9th overall
Jake Holden – 10:24.058, 15th overall
James Compton – 10:33.832, 20th overall

jeff clark powersports-z

Exhibition Powersports-Z

Jeff Clark – 12:00.978, 63rd overall
Jeremiah Johnson – 12:05.612, 67th overall
Troy Siahaan – 12:24.083, 79th overall

ppihc 2013 classy corner
Cheers from Team Revvolution at the "Classy Corner" as we officially call an end to the 91st Running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

365 john
365 john

Photo Credits

Corey Davis (Revvolution) (Website) (Facebook)
James Harris (Revvolution) (Website)
Eric Gearhart


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So many amazing shots from the team! Truly great work out there guys. After a little R&R we're already ready for 2014, it's going to be huge.

John Spooner7/5/2013

Maybe Audi will try there hand again or maybe Volkswagen both are running in Le,Mans or the WRC , though they do not have the services of Loeb who with out doubt is one of the greatest driver other there. how ever they do have his former team mate Sébastien Ogier who as proven to be as quick as Leob but tends to have big moments he is also well on the way to taking this years WRC championship , so maybe those German marks could make something. One of the biggest issues from most people here viewing over the feed was the poor TV coverage yes I was glad just to be able to see the event a first for me other than the classic Vids from the 80,s . you need more of everything some of the Camara work was poor & there was far to much talking & no action I think we all understand it not esay to run cable all over a mountain just for one event . Maybe you could look into the types of equipment use by the like of the Tour - de - France this all seems to work in the mountains though in a much slower event . No it all come down to having a bigger buget something thats hard to find in this day & age , I am sure with the right backing like a bigger inverstment from the like of Redbull this event could work on a world stage & in doing so would attract a bigger buget field wanting to show off there products. I wish you all the best for the future & hope that its is show all over the world next year even without the the likes of Audi.

Dominic Lim7/4/2013

How I wish I could have been there! Such good sceneries, thrills and excitement and most importantly you guys did a damn good job. Awesome just awesome! Keep up the good work btw the write up was fantastic. Hope those sponsors/manufacturers like Audi, Ford anf Chevrolet comes in. Will try to plan trip there next year!