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Article and Photography by Nick Kouris

When Team Revvolution caught wind of Los Angeles’ heavily promoted AutoCon event, we knew we couldn’t pass it up. AutoCon, short for Automotive Connection, held its first show of their nationwide tour June 1 on the grounds of Santa Anita Park, the renowned track for horse racing in Arcadia, California. Situated in front of the San Gabriel Mountains, the track is known for its art deco architecture and beauty, while the peaks offer an impressive backdrop. Not even a blistering hot, humid day could prevent thousands of spectators from attending.

Catering primarily to tuners and exotics, Los Angeles was a perfect place for AutoCon to kick off its nationwide tour.

autocon los angeles 2013 trio of wrapped 370z's awaiting entrance into AutoCon
A trio of wrapped 370z’s awaiting entrance into AutoCon. Matte is in.

autocon los angeles 2013 somebody mention camber

autocon los angeles 2013 this pearlescent green genesis and wrx is reminiscent of lamborghini's own verde ithica
This pearlescent green is reminiscent of Lamborghini’s own Verde Ithaca.

autocon los angeles 2013 ARK Performance brought several vehicles, two of them being a Hyundai Veloster and Genesis
One of the many tuner shops in attendance, ARK Performance brought several vehicles, two of them being a Hyundai Veloster and Genesis.

Not a show until a few MKIV Supra's take the stage.

autocon los angeles 2013 going for broke, genesis has turned into a promising platform for tuners to tinker with. The Teta engine is very receptive to boost
With its release in 2009, the Genesis has turned into a promising platform for tuners to tinker with. The Theta engine is very receptive to

One of the most sought after cars by tuners right now, the Scion FRS was a popular choice for both modified and unmodified variations.

We never get tired of seeing Daniel Song’s fully built FRS GT racecar. There’s something about the lines of it with the matte carbon wrap.
What makes AutoCon unique is its openness to enthusiasts and support for local tuner shops and clubs. Vendors are allowed and encouraged to display their shop cars and latest builds in front of a huge crowd. Even local car clubs of all walks attended the event, making for an exciting medley of cars.

A little Gulf-inspired paint job

The VIP style was in full force.

Heavy hitters represented with their trio of M5s.

Great to see the Euro scene make an appearance at the event.

The Aero car care products booth always brings some spotless specimens... as they should.

TOYO Tires’ booth did not disappoint, bringing the LB performance M3, an EVO, and an S2000.

Green TE37s will turn us green with envy.

Would love to hang out in that hood...

Trying to put our finger on what movies' lowrider these guys stole their steering wheel from...

We recognized these two M3s from MFest. The chrome blue wrap is something you have to see in person to really appreciate.

With a format very similar to that of DUB or Hot Import Nights, AutoCon has could well become a major player with a nationwide tour visiting every major city. Established with a large following and social media know-how, it is only a matter of time before AutoCon grows on a massive scale. By exploiting the bond between enthusiasts, AutoCon is able to bring together anyone who loves cars, no matter your taste or style preference. With a schedule through the end of 2013, AutoCon will be visiting Seattle and Miami before heading back to LA for their final event in December.

With over 33,000 miles, this demo LFA is still going strong.


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Great stuff. Looks like it was a fun event to cover!