Revvolution EAS Automotive Lifestyle Event 2013

Article by Ryan Randels. Photography by Corey Davis, James Harris, Jace Stout and Nathan Leach-Proffer

We take pride in the lifestyle and coverage that we’ve defined for We strive to depict something larger about the automotive scene than meets the eye. It’s not just about car shows or meets. Not just about track days or your reaction time at the drag strip. Not just about engaging with like-minded enthusiasts over the latest modifications. Nor is it just about the party afterward. It’s about all of it—the lifestyle. The car culture at large. This is what we have built Revvolution upon—the culture and coverage that we aim to promote.

When we sat down a few months ago with Elite Auto Salon (EAS) to hash out the details for our first official event, we knew we had an opportunity to bring something much larger to the local Colorado scene—something that automotive events are often able to achieve in part but rarely as a whole. We thus set out to combine all the things that help define the car culture at large into a single-day event and call it the Revvolution EAS Automotive Lifestyle Event.

The intent was simple—to host a show that connected with all different types of automotive enthusiasts. We wanted to have something for everybody, so we planned an event that touched on these primary aspects: performance, style, and sound. For sound, we reached out to Vibrations Custom Audio to host a bass contest. For style, we brought together all the major genres for an all-encompassing People’s Choice Car Show. And for performance, we organized an open road course track event, circle-track event, gymkhana track event, and 1/8 mile drags. Mixed with food, a beer garden, a DJ booth, and a burnout contest, everything was set.

The first few hours were great. People rolled in en masse as vendors set up their booths and entrants found their spots in the lots. Around 3 p.m., we opened the road course track to the participants after a lax tech inspection. With help from NASA Rocky Mountain and SCCA SOLO, we were able to provide and record official lap times to determine the qualifiers for the open track shootout.

Unfortunately, anybody familiar with Murphy’s Law knows that if something can go wrong it will. Even with less than a 5% chance of precipitation, we knew we had to make it a rain or shine event. Halfway through, a severe thunderstorm rolled in from the south and added a level of technical difficulty to the track events..

After the open road course shootout, we moved on to the next special event, the open circle-track course. As it started to rain pretty hard, our ability to keep official times for those participating was limited, so the official shootout was put on hold as we tried to wait out the storm.

At 6:45 p.m., with pit lane (location for the 1/8 mile drags) completely under water and lightning cracking down all around us, we knew there was no end in sight for the storm. We decided to start the awards ceremony early. Gathering everybody into the southern paddock garage, we announced the winners from the Car Show and Road Course Shootout.

With nearly a thousand spectators (in the first few hours), well over a hundred cars in the show, and nearly seventy-five vehicles participating in the performance events, the occasion was a huge success for Revvolution and Elite Auto Salon. We’ve latched onto an idea that brings together enthusiasts from all walks and gives everybody something to enjoy and participate in. One of our biggest goals was to show people what’s out there, what can be done, and what organizations and businesses are available to help and get you involved. While this was our first official event, we can say most certainly that it won’t be our last. Keep an eye out on our forum and Facebook pages for future events!

We want to send out a special thanks to the charity of the event, Warrior Lifeline, for their support.

Without our sponsors, we wouldn’t have been successful. We look forward to future events and getting Colorado organizations and businesses involved and engaged with Revvolution to bring enthusiasts together. Please take a moment and stop by their shops, websites, and Facebook pages to see what these companies have to offer!

Sponsor: Edge Autosport
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Sponsor: Heuberger Motors

Sponsor: Rhino Linings

Sponsor: Rocky Mountain Competitive Research

Sponsor: SCR Performance

Sponsor: ar design
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Sponsor: Underpressure Power & Performance
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Sponsor in Kind: NASA Rocky Mountain

We also want to extend a special thanks to the food vendors that came out and fed all the hungry spectators and participants! We very much appreciate you guys and everything you’re able to do for the community. Be sure to check out the food truck corner in downtown Colorado Springs for some great eats!

Special thanks to the following contributors for their help in photographing the event:
Nathan Leach-Proffer @


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