Drift Attack - Drift Colorado Point Series Round 1

Artice and Photography by Corey Davis
The sun was barely peeking out from the clouds on that cold Cinco de Mayo. But it was the season's first Drift Colorado Point Series event at IMI Motorsports Complex in Dacono, Colorado. Cold for us, but it was the perfect temperature for turbochargers to suck in all the cool air they wanted and keep those engines happy.
Drift Colorado is an event organization that brings together friends, family, and local shops where everyone shares the same craving for
drifting. Who doesn't like to watch cars move sideways and burn rubber all day? It's pure entertainment.
After the drivers' meeting, practice began. So did the madness. Drifting embodies a pure driving experience, and these cars are built for pushing the limit—and occasionally breaking them. There's no pampering for these machines.
Stripped down to resemble something out of Mad Max, these road warriors are prepped for battle. Things like hoods, bumpers, side skirts, headlights, or interior amenities have no place in drifting. They're just one more thing that can break. Instead, welded custom bumpers protect intercoolers, improve airflow, and reduce weight. Function > Form.
In the first round of the Drift Colorado Points Series, drivers battle for Top 16 Qualifier spots and then compete in a bracket to decide the podium positions. There are also two different series in contention, Tandem and Singles. Tandem requires the participants to pass a higher level of tech inspection to allow them on the track with other enthusiasts or "in tandem.” These requirements are usually a roll cage and racing harness. The winner of each tandem race proceeds to the next match-up until the podium winners are selected. This is how also how Formula Drift and other major drifting organizations run their events.
In Singles, each participant runs one at a time to compete "time-attack style” against the other drivers. Judges award points to each participant, and each is put into a bracket. The Top 16 receive their respective points, with points summing up and carrying through the entire season.
Driver skill level runs the gamut. On one side, you have the new and amateur drifters. On the other, pro and pro-am drifters drive fully caged cars. Each driver has their own unique style, and it's interesting to see the different approaches and angles the drivers take on the track. Some drivers opt for a more conservative approach going into the turn, while the more experienced drivers take a very aggressive angle.
It's rare to see an event modern cars don't dominate, but in drift, the 90s' cars reign supreme. 240s, RX-7s, and AE86s are the primary cars of choice. Also, throw in a few M3s to the mix for good measure.
Smooth drifts draw cheers from the crowd while close calls with other cars cause more than a few spectators to bite their nails. As fans, we like to see drama. Cars plowing through fields, throwing up plumes of dust or grazing each other fuel our twisted adrenaline-obsessed minds. Drivers also get a kick out of drifting, since we could see huge grins behind their helmets as they feathered their way though turns.
All in all, Drift Colorado is a great organization that brings together local enthusiasts who can all share the thrill in the art of drifting and passion for motorsports. It's encouraging to see this culture growing right in our own backyard, and we at Revvolution fully support that. Stay dialed in for Drift Colorado Point Series Round 2 taking place the weekend of June 7.
Here are the current Drift Colorado Point Series standings:


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