Shift-S3ctor Airstrip Attack Rises Above

Text Corey Davis. Photos by Corey Davis & Nick Kouris
Recently, we have been covering a handful of high-speed and high-powered intense airstrip attacks—and why wouldn't we? They represent almost every positive aspect of automotive culture that we here at Revvolution care about: passion, competition, speed, beauty, taste, and exotic builds. The most recent, the Shift-S3ctor Airstrip Attack, is one of the rare events that embodies our favorite aspects of the automotive culture—camaraderie.

The bond shared between enthusiasts while exceeding 150 mph down the tarmac is exactly what sets the Shift-S3ctor Airstrip Attack apart from any other airfield shootout. In the beginning, it was just a group of friends that got together to get off the streets and into a safe atmosphere. Naturally, competition among friends develops, and competition undoubtedly leads to rivalries and grudge matches. However, no matter what the outcome, in the end, everybody is still family.

The "family” assembled once again on April 6 at the Shift-S3ctor Airstrip Attack, a half-mile side-by-side racing event held at the New Coalinga Municipal Airport in Coalinga, California.

The gates opened at 7:30 a.m., and a unique mix of cars was already rolling just 30 minutes later.

What are two of the most important things a McLaren owner loves? His VP Racing gas fuel and his early-morning McDonald's run.

Ryan from Shift-S3ctor laid down the rules during the driver's meeting and announced the newest feature of the event—trap speed—which allows drivers to see how fast they are going and make adjustments to increase their chances of beating their opponent.

Each car is divided into classes according to hp. Drivers choose whom they race and how the race goes down.

This event had a nice mix of competition, ranging from everyday drivers to all-out drag cars. Even exotics were in the mix, with a McLaren MP4-12C. Hp numbers start at a conservative 400 hp and go all the way up to an aggressive 1,000 hp.

This wicked wide-body M3 was definitely tough to recognize from a distance. Up close, though, we could see through the facade and are happy to report that it had the performance to back up the looks.

Although street sweepers were always ready to keep the track clear, drivers paid extra attention to protect their paint. Always use protection.

Even though the atmosphere was friendly, owners gravitated toward others with the same ride. It was cool seeing small clusters of GT-Rs, Porsches, and BMWs getting together throughout the day to talk cars.

This matte black 911 Turbo is proudly wearing its show polish badge of 950 hp.

What's an airstrip attack without a handful of Porsches?


Wiz Khalifa would be proud.

Turbocharged BMW roll call. And, no, we didn't stage this. People parked this way all weekend, and we absolutely loved it.

Matchups between rival shops defined the term "grudge match.” Here's a nice one between BMW tuners GSR Autosport and Castro


The Weistec Engineering CL63 AMG was one of the quicker Euro cars we saw running on the first day.
One of the mainstays of the Shift-S3ctor Airstrip Attack is the rolling-race start. Competitors roll around the bend, match speed, and once they pass the cone they mash the pedal.

Shift-S3ctor even allowed races to start from the dig. While the rolling races really negated transmission and driveline advantages, this style of drag racing made for some very interesting matchups and even some upsets.

We spoke about interesting matchups throughout the weekend, and this one between a Mitsubishi Evo and Ford GT was spectacular. The Ford GT eked out the win at the end of the pull.

With the introduction of trap speed, cars not only competed to see who won in a heads-up drag but also who posted the quickest half-mile time.

Engine swaps were also a big theme of the event. One of the crazier swaps we saw was a 2JZ Datsun 280z.

There were even a few RX7s with LS swaps.

Over on the grid, cars waited to be cleared for their runs. Hoods were propped open, and intercoolers were iced to cool everything down before the next race.

Few things sound better than a symphony of cammed V8s.

Some of the grudges were so closely matched that the races came down to inches.

It's good to see these cars doing what they were made for, no matter how exotic.

A Ferrari deserving of its title tag. This Scuderia is as blue as the California sky.

The splitter on this GT-R became road debris when it removed itself during one of the races.


The "Black Mamba” laying down some rubber.

Unfortunately, when you're pushing your car to its limits, something bad is bound to happen. This year a 240sx w/a 1JZ caught fire. Smoke started filling the cabin, and soon both the cabin and the driver lost all power. The brake lines were burned so badly that the car had to be stopped using the hand brake. After a short while, the cabin and engine bay were engulfed in flames, completely ruining the car. Thankfully, the driver suffered only minor burns on his arm and a singed eyebrow. Good thing Shift-S3ctor takes safety seriously.

After the event was over, only a pile of race gas canisters remained to remind the airfield patrons of the chaos that had occurred during the two-day event.

The Shift-S3ctor Airstrip Attack is all about friends coming together, competing, pushing their cars to the limit, and enjoying each other's company. We are proud to be the official social media partners of Shift-S3ctor because of the camaraderie, the common bond shared between enthusiasts, and the passion. And we at Revvolution can appreciate that very much.
Officially, here are the results from the competition:


Tiered Competition

Tier 3 (400 hp - 600 hp)

1st Place
Michael Sebesten
Car Mazda FD RX-7 Turbo LS9
2nd Place
Stu Welch
Car Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06

Tier 2 (601 hp to 899 hp)

1st Place
Mark DeSimone
Car Mitsubishi Evo
2nd Place
Gregory Kim
Car Ford GT

Tier 1 (900 and up)

1st Place
Sean Cagle
Car Chevrolet Camaro Turbo TT LS Motor
2nd Place
Nico Rosales
Car Nissan GTR

Saturday (Sponsor Tuner Shootout)

Tier 3
1st Place
Ken Atkinson
Sponsor: FFTEC/Vishnu
Car: Bmw 335i
2nd Place
Ryne Cunningham
Sponsor Cunningham Motorsports
Car Chevrolet Camaro

Tier 2
1st Place
Bryce Diamond
Shop Spanking Time
Car Chrysler 300
2nd Place
Charlie Rose
Sponsor: Speed Society
Car: Nissan GTR

Tier 1
1st Place
Gideon Chamdi
Sponsor: ACG Automotive
Car: Nissan GTR
2nd Place
Lucas English
Sponsor: English Racing
Car: Nissan GTR


Marquee Shootout Competition

JDM Shootout
1st Place
Lucas English
Shop: English Racing
Car: Nissan GTR
2nd Place
Paul Pituch
Shop: Cobb Tuning
Car: Nissan GTR

Domestic Shootout

1st Place
Michael Sebesten
Car: Mazda FD RX-7 Turbo LS9
2nd Place
Armik Aghakhani
Car: Ford GT

European/Exotic Car shootout


1st Place
Greg Kim
Car: McLaren MP4-12C
2nd Place
Jay Lee
Car: Lamborghini Gallardo LP560

Bimmerpost Shootout

1st Place
Kenton Von Hollen
Car: BMW M3 Turbo E46
2nd Place
Mike Rashidi
Car: BMW M3 Turbo E46


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Seriously, I get a new desktop background daily from this article.


Yea, kinda sucks but you learn from these events. The only piece of fuel line that wasn't steel braided was ultimately what failed. Hopefully I can rebuild and be out at the next event. Oh, and it's a 240sx with a 1jz. Thanks for the support guys.

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EPIC pics guys. Job well done. Feel pretty bad for that guy in the MKII Supra. Looks like a ton of work went into it... guess it just goes to show how important it is to verify that everything is properly installed, hoooked-up, tuned, etc

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Looking closer, I think it's a 240SX. Tail lights give it away.

Mike Garcia4/11/2013

Awesome photos! Thanks for the Z love guys! :) I cant believe you posted the one on my scooter LOL!

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Haha had to get a shot of you on that bad boy. Like a boss!