TX2K13: Days of Drag

Text by Ryan Randes. Photography by Corey Davis, Cooper Naitove & Ryan Randels
The final two days of TX2K13, affectionately known as "The Days of Drag,” were a perfect way to close out a nearly flawless event. In stark contrast to last year, no major equipment failures, accidents, or inclement weather caused any serious delays allowing the races to proceed without incident. But we don't want to imply that the event wasn't exhilarating – quite the contrary. If speeds in excess of 170MPH, the deafening crack of two-step and rev limiters and the smell of race gas all elevate your blood pressure to an unprecedented level, then the TX2K Days of Drag are definitely for you.
With the field dominated by fully built GT-Rs and Supras, there's no doubt TX2K13 ranks among the highest-horsepower, street-legal events in the world. No matter what automotive genre you side with, there's something for everybody. Everything from JDM imports to domestic muscle and even eight-second, drag-prepped motorcycles were all players on this track. However, even with the allure of TX2K and the immaculate weather, we were surprised that the typical big names in Supra drag-heritage didn't come out. Perhaps it was due to the track conditions not being ideal, but the companies synonymous with sub-eight-second Supra performance were all no-shows. Even Late Model Racecraft made an appearance to test and tune a 2750HP purpose-built Dodge Viper. (Keep an eye out for a full feature coming soon.) Despite the conditions, a record crowd was in attendance over the weekend as the participants went head-to-head down the rubber-laden concrete track.
Starting Saturday morning, the track at Lonestar Motorsports Park went hot with multiple test-'n'-tune sessions so participants and drag enthusiasts alike could dial in their setups, tunes, launches, and skills in preparation for the qualification rounds later that day. Come Sunday, after a final qualification round, it immediately turned into a single-elimination bracket competition. Bringing the power in the GT-R classes were Jotech Motorsports, Switzer Performance, AMS Performance, T1 Race Development, and Top Speed Performance. In the Supra classes, MVP Motorsports, Majestic and many others brought the heat as they all laid it on the line for the title of their respective classes.


Winner - Jason Rearick 8.34 @ 162.98
2nd - Chaz Landers 8.52 @ 153.43
Supra Class 2

Winner - Zach Webb 10.17 @ 145
2nd - Anna Costas 11.32 @ 121
Supra Class 3
Winner - Ross Baird 9.17 @ 149
2nd - Amar Sood 9.86 @ 145
Street Car Late Model
Winner - Sean "Big Balls" Stanford 9.10 @ 152
2nd - M Amerson 9.73 @ 144
Street Car Modern Car
Winner - Richard Lesse 9.41 @ 145
2nd - Chris Lewis 9.76 @ 150
GTR Class 1

Winner - Andrew Temkin 10.42 @ 134
2nd - Sean Wilson 10.44 @ 132
GTR Class 2
Winner - Brian Seachman 20.86 @ 54
2nd - Steve Zimmerman (Red Light)
GTR Class 3

Winner - Andrew Sweet 8.97 @ 164
2nd - Michael Hickey 9.34 @ 165
Fastest ET
Jon Johnston (Supra) 8.63 @ 163
Fastest MPH
Ivan Phipps (GT-R) 9.25 @ 172.94
After two years of attending and sponsoring TX2K, we can confirm that the Lone Star state's slogan, "everything is bigger in Texas,” is completely accurate. We look forward to TX2K14 and hope this event will continue to grow and retain its reputation as one of the world's most anticipated automotive events of the year. 
Keep an eye out for a few Texas-sized features to drop in the coming weeks highlighting builds found during the event that we simply couldn't pass up.


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where can i get that animal mask?!

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What a great event it was this year!

Paul Costas3/19/2013

Great shots guys! Hugely appreciate ya'll putting up quality pics of the whole event!!!

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Such an amazing event. GT-Rs galore!