TX2K13 Day 2: Dyno Day at HPE

What do you call it when some of the most powerful street cars assemble to compete for ultimate bragging rights? TX2K13. Day two, dyno day, provides this exact opportunity to any enthusiast willing to strap down his vehicle to a massive torque wrench and push it to its mechanical limits. With vehicles rolling into Houston from all corners of the U.S., you can definitely expect a show.

Held at the famous Hennessey Performance Engineering facility in Sealy, Texas, the staff was well-equipped to push more than 50 cars through the rear-wheel and all-wheel-drive dynamometers. With multiple crews running both dynos, there was a constant onslaught of furious power, high-revs and deafening exhaust notes emanating from the HPE hangers.

Some of the industry's biggest performance names including AMS Performance, COBB Tuning, Jotech Racing, T1 Race Development, Switzer Performance, Forged Performance, Titan Motorsports, Majestic Motorsports, and Boost Logic all showed up to exhibit their latest work.
Throughout the day, a staggering 25,725WHP was measured with an average just over 465WHP! Taking home the title of "TX2K13's Most Powerful,” a Ford Cobra put down a remarkable 1222WHP to the rear wheels. Think about it – that's almost four times the power of a stock Corvette!
All the contestants were split into three easily defined classes: Supra, GT-R, and other. Run one after another, the highest power measured during consecutive pulls was then recorded, and the ranking was logged accordingly.
As if a dyno day at Hennessey Performance Engineering wasn't enough, the show field would be an event all in itself. All different automotive genres from tuners, domestic muscle, exotic to vintage made an appearance.

A day full of dyno pulls can definitely exhaust even the most avid enthusiast, but with TX2K's night meet at Lonestar Motorsports Park, relaxation isn't an option. During the next few days, keep an eye out for coverage of the remaining two days, and arguably the most important, of TX2K13 – the Days of Drag.
Be sure to stop by the tent during Days 3 & 4 to grab your limited edition Revvolution / TX2K t-shirts!


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The event was awesome!! Can't wait for TX2K14!

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I am surprised to see a Cobra Mustang take home the title for most powerful this year. I usually read about some insane Supra made dyno queen.