TX2K13 Day 1: Texas World Speedway Track Day

TX2K started as a Toyota Supra Nationals event 13 years ago, and now it’s become a world-class event, garnering international attention with its all-inclusive approach that focuses on all facets of automotive performance; agility; power; and speed. By dedicating the first day to the track, the second to dyno pulls, and the third and fourth to the dragstrip, TX2K built a reputation as one of the year’s must-attend events for participants and spectators alike.

Over the past decade, TX2K evolved into much more than just four days of go-fast bliss for Supra enthusiasts. Houston’s rich automotive culture brings a wide range of vehicles into the mix, from Lamborghinis to Porsches to Ford GTs, Vipers, and Corvettes. Sticking with the event’s JDM tradition, founder and organizer Peter Blach recently incorporated one of the newest and most renowned performance platforms into the lineup, the Nissan R35 GT-R. The GT-R, platform’s agility and ability to handle power makes it a formidable competitor to the venerated Supra. Once a Supra-only event, TX2K now is inundated with GT-Rs. Today’s track day was a perfect example as the number of GT-Rs far exceeded the Supra’s by a ratio greater than 10 to one.

For the first time since 2008, TX2K13 kicked off at the world-famous Texas World Speedway, an enormous motorsports complex located about an hour north of Houston. Configured into a 2.9-mile and 15-turn track, TWS was a perfect venue for track day. The event had the same setup as previous years, so participants were separated into different classes depending on driving skill. All those who wished to have a shot at a formal time attack shootout at the end of the day had transponders, provided by the event, to track their best lap times throughout the day. The top six competitors were then pitted against each other for the official TX2K13 Time Attack.

Here are the results for the top six competitors for the TX2K13 time attack.
1st Place - #13, 1:45.620
2nd Place - #03, 1:48:210
3rd Place - #111, 1:50.378
4th Place - #41, 1:51.705
5th Place - #42, 1:51.705
6th Place - #35, 1:52.428
TX2K13 quickly escalated to one of our favorite events of the year. There’s a reason it’s earned its reputation, and we’re excited to bring you full coverage over the course of the next few days. Check back often because we will constantly upload new content, coverage, and contests. As we wrap up Day 1 of TX2K13, we leave you with this note: Today was a low-key precursor to the chaos that defines the remaining three days.

For the remainder of the event, we will host an Instagram contest, and the top "Liked” picture submission tagged #TX2K13 wins a FREE TX2K13/ T-shirt! Make sure you follow us on Instagram (, Facebook (, and Twitter ( for updates!

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Did you take any pics of the blue wrx?


Thanks for the terrific shots from across the 4 days and venues. I'm bummed my GTR didn't make it into any of the shots... next year!

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i see my supra in 3 different shots!! this is by far the best day at tx2k

Mike Crossland3/17/2013

Thanks for sponsoring the road course event!!!

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Great coverage guys! I remember reading about this when I was a wee lad and only Supra's were invited. Damn it has grown.