The Texas Mile - The Need For Speed, Texas Style

Text by Corey Davis. Photography by Ryan Randels & Corey Davis
Many of us don't hesitate to say we have fast cars. In reality, our cars are only quick. Ninety percent of the cars we drive can only be defined as quick. The term fast, however, should only be reserved for the other 10 percent of cars. Fast is taping body panels, seams, and emblems to reduce drag in order to gain that extra half mile per hour. Fast is gutting the entire interior of the car and replacing it with a full roll cage. Fast is accelerating from a dead stop up to speeds of 267MPH – in only one mile.
It's no surprise that such an event centered on speed would be born in Texas. The Lone Star state is all American. The enticing smell of BBQ lingers in the air, and ice-cold beer is readily on hand. That old saying "things are always bigger in Texas” holds true for cars. Clearly, the state has one of the largest domestic car markets in the nation, where there is no replacement for displacement.
Since it's also the oil capital of the country, some of the greatest contributors and feats of speed occur in Texas. The fastest speed limit in the nation is posted on State Highway 130 – an ass-hauling 85MPH. Hennessey Performance Engineering, which has its headquarters here, is currently setting world acceleration records with its very own Venom GT. Want more bragging rights? The historic NASCAR Texas World Speedway is in College Station, and, in 2012, the Circuit of the Americas in Austin became the host for the pinnacle of automotive racing, Formula One. And, if all this doesn't get your heart pounding, the godfather of speed, Carroll Shelby, was born in Texas.
The Texas Mile has made its home for the past couple of years in a tiny town just north of Corpus Christi, Beeville. This normally sleepy town concentrates on catering to the automotive industry with its many shops and garages. However, between March 22 and 24, Beeville sprang to life this year to celebrate the event's 10th anniversary. For the past two years, Chase Field Industrial Complex has welcomed thousands of spectators who have enjoyed weaving their way in and out of the hundreds of participants' cars in the staging area. The Texas Mile is as much a car show as it is a race. Cars run from the early cool mornings until the warmer evenings. Spectators and teams alike camp overnight at the complex, which is perfect for kicking back to enjoy a big-sky sunset, that ever-available Texas BBQ, and a few cold beers.
The event is open to all makes – both motorcycles and cars. However, we noticed this year the big three, Ford, Chevy, and Dodge, dominated the event, so we saw many Mustangs, GTs, Corvettes, Camaros, CTS-Vs, and Challengers. Porsche was also in the mix with several 993 GT2s. For bikes, Kawasaki and Suzuki led the pack with drag-prepped GSX1300R Hayabusas, a participant favorite. In terms of numbers, Corvettes crowded the event and showed up with some of the meanest-looking American cars we ever saw. In the end, it was the Hennessey Ford GT that captured the Texas Mile world record with the blistering speed of 267.6.
Event Top Speed Holders
Note: These speeds and place holdings only show the quickest run for each participant. Many participants made multiple passes which would place them multiple times in this list.
1st Place - #249, 217.0 MPH @ 1/2 Mile, 267.6 MPH @ 1 Mile. Driven by Patrick O'Gorman and owned by Mark Heidaker, this Hennessey Ford GT set the new Texas Mile World Record!
2nd Place - #414, 199.2 MPH @ 1/2 Mile, 250.6 MPH @ 1 Mile. Like any fast-paced driving, this race, too, is not without its risks. A 2800HP Camaro, driven by Joey Huneycutt, lost control at 220MPH. After eight rolls, the car stopped and erupted in a fiery crash. Huneycutt, who was airlifted to a nearby hospital, amazingly suffered only cuts and bruises.
3rd Place - #902, 186.2 MPH @ 1/2 Mile, 230.7 MPH @ 1 Mile. Owned and driven by Greg Phillips, him and his team came all the way down from Alberta, Canada and also went home with the "Longest Haul" award.
4h Place - #223, 202.3 MPH @ 1/2 Mile, 230.1 MPH @ 1 Mile
5th Place - #7607, 207.0 MPH @ 1/2 Mile, 228.9 MPH @ 1 Mile
6th Place - #831, 181.5 MPH @ 1/2 Mile, 227.2 MPH @ 1 Mile
7th Place - #20, 197.3 MPH @ 1/2 Mile, 227.2 MPH @ 1 Mile
8th Place - #10, NA @ 1/2 Mile, 225.9 MPH @ 1 Mile
The Texas Mile is an event that demonstrates the concept of fast in its purest form. These cars are built for top speed. There's no speed limit. It's just the driver and the car – and going as fast as possible on the tarmac. It may be just one mile, but what a ride it is.
Here are a few last random shots from the incredible weekend.
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Gearhead Flicks3/28/2013

Great set of photos and fantastic commentary, guys - was a pleasure to meet you and we hope you guys return for the October event!

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Already have the itch!

Todd Nall (BHT)3/28/2013

Great pics!

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Its Great to see these events have such high participation!

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Wow, that is an impressive list there. I am surprised not to see the Twin turbo, supercharged, nitrous injected Mullet GT1100 on that list!