Shift-S3ctor Presents Global Time Attack at Buttonwillow

Text by Nick Kouris
There's a saying that good things are worth the wait... and we at Team Revvolution definitely agree one hundred percent. When we heard rumors that our media partner Shift-S3ctor was partnering up with "the" Gobal Time Attack series, we started to get anxious. Then when those rumors materialized, we just couldn't help but throw ourselves at the opportunity to cover the event in its full glory. For those of you who aren't fluent in the GTA culture, let us break it down for you.
Global Time Attack, or GTA, is the elite time attack series for the United States. Established in 2004, its sole purpose is to assemble the world’s fastest dedicated track cars for a particular circuit. The unofficial history of time attack (according to Mike Garrett of began in Japan during the summer of 1994. Since then, tuners and manufacturers have strived to create the ultimate track-only racecar. With its growing popularity, GTA started looking at expanding on the West Coast once again.

Most of our pictures speak for themselves. However, when AE Performance showed-up to the event with a pair of 302 Boss's, a 370Z and a Stunning S15 Silvia all slated for the new Fast & Furious 6 film, they definitely turned some heads. It's one thing to see some sick cars on a film, but when you know that they've actually been put through their paces at the track and pushed to the limit, it takes it to a whole new level. Not to mention Paul Walker (yes, the famed FF icon) made a guest appearance to put some track time in himself. This is California - this is Hollywood!

The West Coast, specifically California, offers numerous tracks that are only a few hours’ drive from Los Angeles; so it was only a matter of time before GTA made its return the Golden State. Not only are there several renowned tracks to choose from, but each one offers varying levels of technical difficulty; elevation changes, sweeping esses, fast straights, and endless configurations for every skill level and car type.

For the 2013 season, GTA is partnering with Shift-S3ctor to host its West Coast Pro AM series, the first of which took place at Buttonwillow Raceway, in Buttonwillow, California. With GTA track destinations nationwide, the Pro AM series is open to drivers of any skill level and any car type while the Pro series is strictly reserved for professional drivers.

Shift-S3ctor founders Jason Huang and Ryan Fisher embody the definition of "car enthusiasts.” Whether it’s drag racing, roll-on racing, drifting, or road courses, they love and welcome it all. Shift-S3ctor events are known to attract a variety of vehicles; from muscle cars, to tuners, high-end exotics and even four-seat luxury sedans. But check egos at the door because they’re not allowed. The event’s only reward is bragging rights and the disproving of dyno sheets. "Shift-S3ctor is founded upon the philosophy of giving car enthusiasts the opportunity to both run their cars and better their skills as drivers in safe environments. We always want to encourage everyone, from the Pro driver to the first timer, to get out on [a] track and drive their cars as they were meant to be driven,” says Ryan. Team Revvolution always looks forward to Shift-S3ctor’s events because they’re organized, professional, yet laid back, and only want the participants to have fun and share their passion for automobiles and racing.


"By teaming up with GTA, we have brought a level of competition to our track days. This is something we knew was missing from 2012…. Jason Dienhart from GTA is one of the most real and down- to-earth individuals I have met in the industry. We hit it off right away, our ideas and ideals seemed to match up perfectly, and I knew after sitting down and talking to him that there was huge potential to work with GTA,” Huang tells us. The partnership adds both value and exposure while offering an inexpensive and competitive way for participants to test their cars and skills at the track. The Shift-S3ctor/GTA partnership finally came to fruition February 3 when more than 25 competitors made their way to Buttonwillow Raceway for the first round of the GTA Pro AM series.

It was Team Revvolution’s first visit to Buttonwillow, on an uncharacteristic California day with the sun hidden behind a thick layer of fog that hovered over the track. Those in attendance for Shift-S3ctor’s track day were briefed inside the on-site café, while those participating in GTA’s Pro AM met under a tent, outside in the cold. The drivers participating for Shift-S3ctor’s track day, once briefed after initial registration, had several run groups, based on their cars and their own assessment of their skill levels . These groups, some allowing more advanced maneuvers than others, ensure that every driver remains safe while on the track but still can enjoy their track sessions. The GTA drivers were assigned the silver run group. Every car had to pass tech inspection, then have the GTA decals and numbers applied so the stewards could monitor the lap times of each vehicle.


It was made clear in the driver’s meeting that Buttonwillow is a very technical track, and the slightest mis-negotiation could send even the most skilled driver into a tailspin. Buttonwillow can be configured in more than 40 different ways to accommodate go-karts and cars, with three main larger configurations for track meets. The west circuit used for GTA’s first round is a 1.86-mile road course with 13 turns, using the front straight. The areas that saw the most spinouts were the turns 5 and 6 combination, which is a very fast, dogleg, two-corner sequence; and Turn 13, which is a medium left-hander that requires hard braking prior to entering the front straight. The cars that participated for the Shift-S3ctor track day and GTA Pro AM were largely similar. Both street cars and fully built spec race cars were present, though the Pro AM races saw more of the latter. The front straight was the place to be during the silver run group because this was the spot with a cacophony of cams, turbos, and superchargers.

As we sat down after the event, we decided that there was such an array of cars that actually participated in the GTA Pro-Am event, it would be a great idea to put together a "spec roster" that gave each participant a mini-feature in the article! Broken down by class and standing, we put together as many of the vehicles as we could get our hands on. If you don't see your vehicle listed here, be sure to drop us a note!
Class Standing: 1st Position
Best GTA Lap Time: 01:52.760
GTA Number: #00
GTA Class: Limited AWD
Driver: Ricky Kwan

Class Standing: 2nd Place
Best GTA Lap Time: 02:00.047
GTA Number: #41
GTA Class: Limited AWD
Driver: Ariel Salazar
Driver History: First year with GTA, HDPE track events 2006-2010
Sponsors: Potrero Performance Auto, Static 9 Garage
Vehicle Name: Hayate
Y/M/M: 2003 Mitsubishi Evolution VIII
Trans/Drive: Manual / AWD
Engine: 4G63, Full Race Single Scroll GT35R Turbo Kit, Catless Greddy Evo2 Exhaust, HKS 272 Cams
Tuned By: Paul @ GP Motowerke
Transmission: (Stock)
Wheels/Suspension: Volk RAcing TE37SL Black Edition 18x11, NT01 275/35/18, JIC Racing One Way Coilovers
Brakes: Front AP Racing Big Brake Kit, Stock rear Brembos
Exterior: Voltex Front Bumper, Voltex Rear Diffuser, Voltex Style Front & Rear Fendres, Kognition Wing
Interior: (Stock)
Specs: 407bhp, 350ft-lbs, 19psi on 91 octane
Notes: Purchased Hyate with the intention of using it as a DD but then got involved in Time Attack events.
Future Plans: Ariel is excited about the upcoming season and look forward to participating in Nor-Cal NASA Time Trials in TT2/ST2, Global Time Attack, Redline Time Attack, and the Northern California Chrono Series. Future mods include balancing out the aero and setting up his suspension along with a roll bar and bucket seat.


Class Standing: 3rd Place
Best GTA Lap Time: 02:00.743
GTA Number: #24
GTA Class: Limited AWD
Driver: Travis "Sauce Bauce" Barnes
Driver History: Third year in GTA, Racing in NASA since 2007
Team: Snail Performance
Sponsors: Turbo by Garrett, Turbosmart USA, Whiteline,, LIC Motorsports, Turbos Direct, Mother's Polishes Waxes & Cleaners
Y/M/M: 2012 Subaru Impreza STi
Trans/Drive: Manual / AWD
Engine: EJ257, 20g-8cm Turbo, Equal Length Headers, Turbosmart Dual Port BOV, Invidia Downpipe / Invidia Q300 Cat-back, Turbosmart FPR-800 Fuel Pressure Regulator, 850cc Injectors, NGK Racing 7 Heat Range Spark Plugs, Subaru STi TMIC
Tuned By: COBB Tuning AP Speed Density Tuned by Travis @ Snail Performance
Transmission: (Stock)
Wheels/Suspension: Rota T2R 18x9.5+38, Hankook Ventus RS-3 255/35/18, Subaru STi STock Struts, Swift Spec-R Springs, Whiteline 22m Adjustable Front & Rear Sway Bars with Endlinks, Whiteline H-Brace
Brakes: (Stock)
Specs: 330+whp @ 21psi on 91/100 octane mix
Notes: Travis bought this car last July with the intention of making it a fun daily. At this point, there aren't really any further plans for the STi as his focus is set on Snail Performances' race cars which couldn't make it to the track for this event. During the last lap of the event, Travis heard something weird coming from the engine so he shut it down to prevent [further] damage. He jokes, "On to building a fully built engine now!!" - We look forward to it Travis!

Class Standing: 4th Place
Best GTA Lap Time: 2:01.157
GTA Number: #62
Driver: Peter Mitkov


Class Standing: 1st Place
Best GTA Lap Time: 01:51.886
GTA Number: #16
GTA Class: Limited RWD
Driver: Don Pastor
Driver History: 2nd year in GTA, 13 years in Racing
Team: JMP Autowerkz / Don Pastor Racing
Sponsors: JMP Autowerkz, Alvin Vasquez/AV Dental, Valencia European, Motorsport Hardware
Y/M/M: 2003 BMW M3
Trans/Drive: Factory SMG (Sequential Manual Gearbox) / FWD
Engine: Stock S54, Supersprint Stepped Headers, Bimmerworld 3.5" Race Exhaust, VF Air Intake, C&R Racing Radiator, C&R Racing Oil Cooler
Tuned By: JMP Autowerkz
Transmission: Lightweight Flywheel with Custom Race Clutch
Wheels/Suspension: Volk Racing TE37SL, AST 4200 DA Coilovers, Ground-Control Adjustable Rear Control Arm, GC Camber Plates, VAC Rear Solid Subframe Mounts
Brakes: Bimmerworld Braided Brake Lines, Performance Friction Floating Rotors, Performance Friction 01 Race Pads
Exterior: Bimmerworld Carbon Race Wing, Bimmerworld Carbon Dive Planes, Bimmerworld Carbon Splitter / Undertray, Bimmerworld Carbon Rear Diffuser, Polycarbonate Race Windshield / Windows
Interior: JMP Autowerkz 6-point Custom Rollcage, Racetech 4009 Race Seat, Schroth Profi II 6-point Harness, Sparco Steering Wheel
Specs: 220whp @ 2525lbs w/driver
Notes: Owner bought the car and turned it into a race car the very next day.
Future Plans: Rebuild the engine when it finally blows, lighten the car more, convert to full race sequential transmission 
Class Standing: 2nd Place
Best GTA Lap Time: 02:02.649
GTA Number: #04
GTA Class: Limited RWD
Driver: Dwight Tanak
Class Standing: 3rd Place
Best GTA Lap Time: 2:05.836
GTA Number: #76
GTA Class: Limited RWD
Driver: Robert R Fuller
Driver History: First year in GTA, over 20 years Racing
Team: Robispec
Sponsors: APR, Borla, Enkei, The Brake Man, Grillmaster
Y/M/M: 2013 Scion/Toyota FRS
Trans/Drive: Manual / RWD
Engine: EA20, Engine-back Borla Exhaust, Robispec-tuned Cold Air Intake
Tuned By: Luigi @ Olympic Motorsports
Transmission: (Stock)
Wheels/Suspension: Enkei RFPFI Gold 17x9+45, Robispec Lower Control Arms, Bump Steer Correction Kit, Roll Center Correction Kit, KW Dampers
Brakes: We KNOW they're not stock... but looks like Robert doesn't want to divulge his secrets!
Exterior: APR Mirrors, Grillmaster Front Grilles
Interior: Robispec Hyperlight Seats, Schroth DOT4-point Harness
Specs: 179whp, 145ft-lbs
Future Plans: Robert is looking to attend as many GTA events as possible.
Class Standing: 4th Place
Best GTA Lap Time: 02:09.400
GTA Number: #60
GTA Class: Limited RWD
Driver: Kalon Welch
Driver History: First year in GTA, 3 years in Racing, also has 3 years with sports bike club level pro license
Team: Kato Racing
Sponsors: Castro Motorsport, Stoptech, Shift-S3ctor
Vehicle Name: The Lemons Car
Y/M/M: 1987 BMW 325is
Trans/Drive: Manual / RWD
Engine: M20B27 325e short-block with 325i Head, Manifolds and Electronics Conversion, Castro Motorsport Custom Mass Air Flow Meter Conversion & Full Single 2.25" Free-Flowing Exhaust
Tuned By: Castro Motorsport
Transmission: Ralco E46 Short-Throw Shifter, Grip Force HD Clutch
Wheels/Suspension: APEX ARC-8 17x8, Koni Triple Adjustable Front Struts, Meyle HD Rear Shocks, Front Coilover Conversion with 450# Spring Rate, Rear E36 M3 H&R Springs, Ireland Engineering Poly E30 M3 Offset Front Control Arm Bushings & Rear Trailing Arm & Subframe Bushings, HD Front and Rear Shock Mounts, Delrin Motor and Transmission Mounts.
Brakes: Mazda RX7 Turbo II Big Brake Kit (4 piston calipers with VW Corrado rotors) on the front
Exterior: Volvo Front Lip, Carbon Hood, E36 Non-M Rear Bumper, Ford Taurus Side Skirts, Half Mtech2 Spoiler Lip, Sunroof Delete
Interior: Autopower Roll Cage (6 point), Sparco Evo Plus 2 with Schroth 6-point Race Harness (Driver), Recaro Pole Position with Harness (Passenger), Fire-Extinguisher
Other: E36 M3 Quick Ratio Steering Rack with Ireland Engineering Poly Steering Coupler
Specs: 150whp, 148ft-lbs, 80mm bore, 66mm stroke, 8.8:1 compression
Notes: Originally built for Lemons racing, it's slowly evolved with innovative enhancements over a 2 year period and continued development for track days and now GTA. The car has placed multiple times in the top 10 and has landed on the podium (2nd and 3rd) twice in Chump Car racing. The highlight of the car's career was when it dominated the Chump Car's Laguna Seca event and placed 2nd (would have been first if it wasn't for a driver penalty!)
Future Plans: Sell it help fund an E46 M3 project.
Class Standing: 1st Place
Best GTA Lap Time: 2:00.843
GTA Number: #78
GTA Class:  Enthusiast RWD
Driver:  Powei Huang
[No Picture] 
Class Standing: 2nd Place
Best GTA Lap Time: 2:02.157
GTA Number: #39
GTA Class: Enthusiast RWD
Driver: Gary Yeung
Class Standing: 3rd Place
Best GTA Lap Time: 02:02.789
GTA Number: #73
GTA Class: Enthusiast RWD
Driver: Joe Yang

Class Standing: 4th Place
Best GTA Lap Time: 02:06.744
GTA Number: #34
GTA Class: Enthusiast RWD
Driver: Tony Robles

Class Standing: 5th Place
Best GTA Lap Time: 2:13.423
GTA Number: #02
GTA Class: Enthusiast RWD
Driver: Jason Sharek

Class Standing: 6
Best GTA Lap Time: 2:23.445
GTA Number: #86
GTA Class: Enthusiast RWD
Driver: Fei-Long Tran
Class Standing: 1st Place
Best GTA Lap Time: 02:05.991
GTA Number: #22
GTA Class: Enthusiast FWD
Driver: Jason Lee
Driver History: First year in GTA, HDPE track days, also participated in Redline Time Attack's Season Opener in 2012
Team: Godspeed Project
Sponsors: Godspeed Project, SportCarMotion
Vehicle Name: Fat White
Y/M/M: 2007 Honda Civic Si
Trans/Drive: Manual / FWD
Engine: K20Z3, Injen Cold Air Intake with K&N Intake Filter, Skunk2 Alpha Header, Invidia Q300, Magnaflow High-flow Cat
Tuned By: Church Automotive Testing
Transmission: (Stock)
Wheels/Suspension: 5zigen FNO1R-C 17x9+35 in Front with Hankook RS3 255/40/17, 17x8+35 with Hankook RS3 215-45-17 in rear
Brakes: Acural TL Type-S Brembo Brakes (front)
Exterior: JDM Conversion (Mugen Civic Type-R)
Specs: 230hp, 150ft-lbs
Notes: Jason would like to thank Ken Suen and Chris "POW" Billedo for getting him started in racing, thanks to Clint Boisdeau for helping him setup his car, thanks to Loi Song from SportCarMotion for always encouraging me to go vaster, and thanks to Godspeed Project for helping him out 100% of the time; if it wasn't for them, Jason wouldn't be the person he is today.
Future Plans: Replace the OEM clutch, add a final drive and a clutch type LSD. Then add cams for some more NA power!

Class Standing: 2nd Place
Best GTA Lap Time: 02:13.322
GTA Number: #36
GTA Class: Enthusiast FWD
Driver: Mike Bonanni
Driver History: 3 years in GTA, first track day in 2004 and has been competing in Time Attack since 2006
Team: HG Motorsports
Sponsors: HG Motorsports, Toyo Tires, MOTUL Fluids, Brembo, KW Suspension, Modern Image, Kearny Mesa FIAT, 500 Madness
Y/M/M: 2012 FIAT 500 Abarth
Trans/Drive: Manual / FWD
Engine: 1.4L Multiair Turbo, HGMS Prototype Front Mount Intercooler, Downpipe, Tuning Module, Intake, Custom Exhaust with High-flow Catalytic Converter
Tuned By: HG Motorsports
Transmission: (Stock)
Wheels/Suspension: OZ Racing Leggenda, Toyo R1R Tires
Brakes: Brembo Front Brake Kit
Exterior: Modern Image Signworks Vinyl Wrap
Interior: Sparco Seats, HGMS Prototype Harness Bar, Sparco Harnesses
Accessories: PA System that makes a variety of animal noises and plays the ice cream truck song (!!!)
Specs: 200bhp, 220 brake ft-lbs, 2.83" bore, 3.31" stroke, 9.8:1 compression, 18psi
Future Plans: HG Motorsports plans on furthering their development with the progression of the FIAT 500 Abarth chassis in order to offer customers track tested and proven parts packages for their own FIATs. Chances are we will see the HGMS FIAT at future GTA Pro-Am events, Targa Tropy rallies and other events!
Class Standing: 1st Place
Best GTA Lap Time: 01:57.214
GTA Number: #21
GTA Class: Unlimited RWD
Driver: Jeff Ringer
Driver History: First year in GTA, 10 years in Racing. The very first two events he participated in, an SCCA Rallycross and Autocross event, he won. From there, Jeff started Time Trials in 2011 and placed 1st in the 2012 Speedventures S2K Channelge (Street Class).
Team: JMP Autowerkz
Sponsors: JMP Autowerkz, Motorsport Hardware, PJ Bonifacio Paint and Body, Speedventures
Y/M/M: 1989 BMW 325i
Trans/Drive: Manual / RWD
Engine: E36 M3 S52 OBD2 Swap, Ebay Headers, Custom 3" Straight Pipe with Magnaflow Muffler, M50 Manifold Conversion, Custom Cold Air Intake, AKG Solid Engine Mounts
Tuned By: Epic Motorsports
Transmission: Lightweight Flywheel, BMW Z4 Shifter
Wheels/Suspension: TR Motorsports C1 15x8, Hankook Z214 225/45R15, Ground-Control Coilovers, Koni Race Shocks, AKG Race Bushings
Brakes: Front RX7 Caliper Conversion, Hawk DTC60 Pads, Rear Stock Calipers, PFC01 Race Pads
Exterior: Ebay Wing, JMP Custom Front Splitter
Interior: JMP Autowerkz Custom 8-point Rollcage, Sparco Evo Racing Seat, Schroth Profi II Racing Harness, Momo Steering Wheel, Gutted Interior including all Factory Wiring Harnesses
Notes: JMP Autowerkz has been racing this car since it got it 4 years ago and has already see 5 engine swaps.
Future Plans: Wider tires and weight reduction.
Class Standing: 2nd Place
Best GTA Lap Time: 01:57.754
GTA Number: #46
GTA Class: Unlimited RWD
Driver: Stephanie Cemo
Driver History: First year in GTA, Racing since 2004
Team: Cemo & Co.
Sponsors: HRE, APR Performance, Sparco, K&N, JP Logistics
Vehicle Name: Sasha
Y/M/M: 2009 Chevy Corvette ZR1
Trans/Drive: Manual / RWD
Engine: Stock Supercharged LS9 (V8 3.162L with Eaton TVS Supercharger & Intercooler), K&N Carbon Intake
Tuned By: N/A
Transmission: (Stock) Tremec TR-6060
Wheels/Suspension: HRE P45SC Satin Black 19/20, Kuhmo V710 315/30-18 Front, 345/35/18R Rear
Brakes: (Stock)
Exterior: APR Performance Wing, Front Splitter, Side Aero and Diffuser
Specs: 570whp, 604 ft-lbs, 103.25mm bore, 92 mm stroke, 9.1:1 compression, 10.5 psi
Notes: You must not be well plugged into the scene if you've never heard of Steph Cemo, the Houston girl who drives the hell out of her ZR1!
Future Plans: Steph is looking to pick up a NASA ST2 racecar for this year. After a year in NASA "learning the growing pains", she's looking to take a seat in GrandAM.

Class Standing: 1st Place
Best GTA Lap Time: 02:00.355
GTA Number: #20
GTA Class: Limited FWD
Driver: Ken Suen
Driver History: Second year in GTA, 2 years in Racing
Team: SportCarMotion
Sponsors: Gearspeed, Toyo, DC Sport, Golden Eagle, Competition Clutch, RC Injector, Torco, Skunk2, Godspeed, TBD Vinyl, K-Tuned, Mar Financial
Y/M/M: 2003 Acura RSX
Trans/Drive: Manual / FWD
Engine: K24 with supporting mods
Tuned By: Church Automotive Testing
Transmission: GearSpeed Carbon Synchros
Wheels/Suspension: Wedsport TC105
Exterior: KSR Custom Front Splitter, Special Project GT Wing, Type R Side Skirt, Rear Lip
Specs: 300hp, 205ft-lbs, 87mm bore, 12.5:1 compression
Future Plans: First RSX to do sub 2 minutes at Buttonwillow

Class Standing: 2nd Place
Best GTA Lap Time: 02:21.661
GTA Number: #46
GTA Class: Limited FWD
Driver: Craig Utter
Driver History: First year with GTA, 4 years in Redline Time Attack, 12 Years in Racing
Team: JDMspeedshop
Sponsors: Motul Lubricants, Petro Lock Fuels, The Tire Store, ACT Clutch, SCE Gaskets, Dreamzsport Automotive
Vehicle Name: Betsy
Y/M/M: 1992 Honda Civic EG6
Trans/Drive: Manual / FWD
Engine: B18C1, Type R Head, Skunk2 Stage 2 Pro Series Cams & Valve Train, Type R Intake Manifold, SRT 70mm Throttle Body, 380cc Injectors, J's Racing Whale Penis Intake, Hytech Tri Y Race Header, CP Pistons, ARP Rod Bolts, Sunbeam Knife Edge Crank, J's Racing Engine Damper, Moroso Baffled 5 Qt. Oil Pan, Custom 2.5" JDMspeedshop Race Stinger Exhaust
Tuned By: JDMspeedshop
Transmission: S80, ACT Stage 2 Clutch, ACT Race Flywheel
Wheels/Suspension: Konig Feather light 15x8, Konig Helium 15x8, Toyo R888/RA1, Skunk2 Pro 2 Coilovers
Brakes: Goodrich Steel Brake Lines, EBC Rotors, Hawk Brake Pads
Exterior: Fiber Images Carbon Fiber Hood & Side Skirts, Custom JDMspeedshop Splitter, Duck Bill Rear Wing
Interior: Bride Low Max Racing Seat, RJS Cam Lock 5 Point Harness, Autopower 6-point Roll Cage, J's Racing Pillar Brace, Custom JDMspeedshop Carbon Strut Tower Brace, Momo Hub/Wheel, Autometer Gauges
Accessories: Project Mu Reservoir Cover
Other: Motul 300V 10w40 Oil, Motul RBF 660 Brake/Clutch Fluid, Motul Motly Gear 10w30 Trans Oil
Specs: 260whp, 180ft-lbs, 84mm bore, 1.8 stroke, 14:1 compression
Class Standing: 1st Place
Best GTA Lap Time: 02:02.916
GTA Number: #06
GTA Class: Limited AWD
Driver: Alex Lewandowski
Driver History: Second year in GTA, 3 years in Racing
Team: JDM Factory, Inc
Sponsors: rePlayXD, Feal Suspension, MC Graphics, Wilwood Engineering
Y/M/M: 2006 Lancer Evo IX GSR
Trans/Drive: Manual / AWD
Engine: 4G63T, Stock Bottom End, HKS 272 Cams, HKS Head Gasket, Walbro Fuel Pump, BC Springs and Retainers, RC Engineering 1200cc Injectors, ARP Head Studs, JDm FActory Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit, Injen Intercooler Piping & Intake, Skunk2 Intake Manifold and Throttle Body, Greddy Timing Belt, Agency Power Fuel Rail, Agency Power Engine Mounts, Ultimate Racing High Flow Catalytic Converter, JIC Magic Exhaust, Megan Racing Turbo Manifold, FP Green Turbocharger
Tuned By: Mike Warfield
Transmission: Exedy Twin Plate Clutch, Weir Performance Rear Differential 12 Plate Upgrade,
Wheels/Suspension: Gram Light 57D 18x9.5, Hankook RS3's, Agency Power Rear Control Arms, Cusco Trunk Brace, Energy Suspension Master Bushing Kit, Whileline Roll Centre/Bump Steer Correction Kit, Whiteline Front 26mm Swaybar, Whiteline 24mm Rear Swaybar, Whiteline Adjustable Endlinks, Feal Suspension Custom Spring Rate and Valving 441 Coilovers,
Brakes: Cusco Front Chassis Brake, Wilwood Big Brake Kit 6pot Front and 4pot Rear,
Exterior: Nagisa Auto Fender Braces, Voltex Wing, Side Skirts, and Front Bumper
Interior: Bride Seats, Buddy Club Low Seat Rails,
Accessories: Custom JDM Factory Gauge Cluster, Braille 2015 Small Battery, AEM Wideband Sensor, Defi Gauges (boost, EGT, oil pressure),
Other: Motul Lubricants, Corner Balanced
Specs: 385whp, 340ft-lbs, 24 psi on E85
Notes: Built for response and reliability, this DD also has a fully custom sound system: Kenwood KVT-617 multimedia/nav system, Kenwood XR-4S 4channel amp, Kenwood XR-1S Mono amp, Kenwood Excelon 6.5" component set front & rear, Alpine 10" Type R Sub.
Future Plans: Go faster. Finish both GTA Pro AM and Redline in top 3 in class. Further improvements to the car are definitely in-store, possibly more power. Alex is going for 2 hillclimb races in 2013.

Class Standing: 1st Place
Best GTA Lap Time: 02:07.058
GTA Number: #88
GTA Class: Enthusiast AWD
Driver: Michael Jantz
Driver History: First year in GTA, Racing since 2008
Team: Shift-S3ctor
Sponsors: Shift-S3ctor
Vehicle Name: STiAmAwesome
Y/M/M: 2007 Subaru STi
Trans/Drive: Manual / AWD
Engine: COBB Cat-back Exhaust, Invidia Catted Bellmouth Downpipe
Tuned By: Jon Drenas
Transmission: (Stock)
Wheels/Suspension: Sway Bars, Anti-lift Kit, Roll Center Adjusters, KW Suspension V3 Coilovers
Brakes: (Stock)
Exterior: (Stock)
Interior: Harness Bar
Specs: 285whp, 330ft-lbs, 18 psi on 91 octane
Notes: Michael bought his car in 2007 knowing he wanted to push it to the limits on the track while refining his skills as a driver.
Future Plans: Using this platform as his DD that doubles as a track car, he knows there are a few problems inherent with the STi platform that he must resolve. He wants a new set of wheels with a bump in tire width along with a proper track alignment, racing seats and weight reduction.
Class Standing: 1st Place
Best GTA Lap Time: 02:13.938
GTA Number: #15
GTA Class: Street RWD
Driver: Andrew Nier
Driver History: First year with GTA, competed in Formula SAE for 4 years, HPDE Track events for 1 year
Sponsors: Ammo NYC, Whiteline Flatout
Vehicle Name: Shelly
Y/M/M: 2012 Ford Mustang GT
Trans/Drive: Manual / RWD
Engine: 5.0 Coyote, Airaid Cold Air Intake
Tuned By: Bama Racing
Transmission: Barton Industries Short Throw Shifter and Bracket
Wheels/Suspension: Stock Ford Track Page 19x9s, Steeda Competition Springs
Exterior: Ford Racing Boss 302S High Flow Grille, Boss 302 Street Splitter and Brake Cooling Kit
Specs: 470hp, 445ft-lbs, 3.629" bore, 3.649" stroke, 11:1 compression
Notes: One of 519 with Lava Red paint, only 50 of those have the Lava Red interior Brembo Brake package.
Check out Andrew's Account: Vipergtsrgt1



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check my vid of session4 after the tires were done

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Definitely a great event to be involved in as a beginner a spectator or a professional!

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Such a great event and so much fun. Not only was it great to see all the drivers and teams turn out, but also all the photographers covering the event. It sure makes a Pro-Am feel a lot more Pro. This was my first time attack but it definitely won't be my last.

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Love these types of events. We all love purpose-built track cars, but these events also highlight the fact that you can bring your car straight off the show room floor and take it to the track, and do damn well. Truly an enthusiast event