99cookies Presents AWD Winter Fest 2013

This past weekend, a few of us took a cruise from our HQ down in the Springs up to Denver and found ourselves deeply immersed in the pure all-wheel-drive lifestyle. Hosted by none other than the local 99cookies, this mini-meet fell victim to sub-zero temperatures and a rolling storm front that pierced the layers straight to the core. But we persevered as this was an event characterized by dozens of dirt-slaying, snow-munching and panty-dropping Evos, Subbies, DSMs, and Euros assembled for one reason – to beat the winter blues by expressing the culture that is defined by "AWD”.
All types of Subarus made their appearance, WRX, STi, RS2.5, Hatch, if there was a Subaru made, it was here. After all, this is Subaru Country.
Hood scoops everywhere you looked! Almost as if a scoop was a prerequisite for being invited to this exclusive party.
After about 30 minutes into the meet, mother nature joined the party. This being an AWD meet, it was fitting that she would bring some serious weather for the variable torque distribution to contend with!
What's better than a tundra-camo WRX? How about a 2011 STi with a license plate reading "U8PLASMA"? Sure hope she updates her Revv account with some fresh camo pics! Check out xxtasaxx's Garage @
We love this picture. Why? It's fitting that Rob, the founder of 99cookies, would be reppin' the Revv!
All USDM Mitsubishi Evolutions were accounted for. The Eight, the Nine, and the EvoX all were in attendance; some slammed, some built, some completely stock. It didn't matter what they were "packin", they all looked good.
How do you turn heads at an AWD meet? Show-up in a Nissan R32 Skyline, that's how.
Interesting enough there were a bunch of RWD & FWD vehicles that made it out. Don't believe anybody had a real gripe, after all, we were all here just to enjoy some culture in the off-season.
This raised and boosted CRV caught our attention for obvious reasons!
If you live in Denver, then you've seen this immaculate build. Even us here at Revvolution have seen this a million times! Perhaps that's because he's a member.... Check out Slushy1371's garage @
Our videographer Lorenzo making an appearance! Keep your eyes out for a little teaser coming your way.
Well-placed props can add some serious value to a show-car. Especially when they're super-cool mini-trikes!
You sure are.

Well, it’s February and if you are like us and live in a climate which succumbs to the concept of "four-seasons”, then it is meets like this that get us through the off-season. Much kudos to the local Denver and Colorado scene for pushing the envelope and hosting these types of events, the more we can put together, the better the overall scene will become.


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Rob D4/9/2013

Is there.a video yet?

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Yup, next time I'll be sure to wear something more than a sweatshirt

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EVOs & WRXs are what got me into tuners well before F&F. Still love them to this day!


Dang none of my car sort of. I'm in the background or the tundra camo bug eye