Houston Terror: The Mullet GT1100

Text by Max Gerson, Photos by Corey Davis

On your feet Revvolution clan and help us to answer this question: I define awesome as_________.

Our research returned this definition of awesome, Extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear. We’re intrigued by this particular interpretation, especially the negative concepts of apprehension and fear. Keep this definition in mind when you look at Jason Steven’s awesome 1187WHP Ford GT.

As certified car nuts, you’ve all seen the massive fails possible when people have more money than sense (see rapper Tyga and his ridiculously gold and gaudy Audi R8). Money can buy an exceptional vehicle, but clearly it cannot buy taste.

Enter Jason Steven, a man who has both dollars and sense. But before we begin, take a long look at his photo. Notice anything extraordinary? Look again. It’s a little hard to see, but there’s a party in the back of that head. The man is rocking a full-on mullet. Even the license plates on his Ford GT reads "MULLET.” Inside the cockpit, there’s a custom Mexican Coca Cola bottle holder used to hold Jason's mullet comb. (That’s a custom mullet comb holder.)You have to appreciate this type of allegiance to the mullet lifestyle.

Jason's local Houston warehouse can only be described as an ultimate man cave. As you might expect in any respectable Texas man cave, NASCAR memorabilia abounds. However, the racecar bumper and quarter panels hanging on the walls don’t belong to A.J. Foyt or Terry Labonte. The banged-up fenders belong to his personal NASCAR icon Danica Patrick. There are also automotive keepsakes from another notorious female motorist, Lindsay Lohan. Not to mention not one, but two missiles used in film Iron Man. Just to recap, that’s Danica, Lohan, and Iron Man memorabilia. Awesome, awesome, and more awesome.

But enough fluff; what about the elephant in the room? Jason's 1187WHP 2005 Ford GT. Jason created a mental version of what is arguably the most significant American supercar ever built. In 2002, the Ford Motor Company began to design the GT in anticipation of celebrating its impending 100th anniversary. Honoring the centennial anniversary and paying homage to the GT40 cars from the 1960s meant the new Ford GT could not be a rebadged, hopped-up Mustang.

Remember Ford created the original 1966 GT40 to compete at LeMans. Ferrari won the 24 Hours of LeMans six years running, and Ford was dead set on knocking that company off the block. When it was unveiled, the GT40 was a stunning revvolution (see what we did there?) in the international motorsports community, both aesthetically and technically. Not only was the mid-engine design ravishing, but in competition, the GT40 beat the Italians into submission, winning LeMans the next four years in a row.

Paying homage to such a historic champion required Ford to build a topnotch supercar, and it did just that. The modern Ford GT features a mid-engined 5.4L supercharged V8 mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. With an iconic design, limited production (4,038 built) and a history unlike any other American car, Jason selected a most noble platform to build on.

Jason enlisted the help of Henessey Performance Engineering (HPE) to execute its GT1000 (1,000HP) package on his GT. HPE modified every component in this power plant, leaving only the block unmolested.

HPE designed the GT1000 enhancement around the addition of twin 67MM turbochargers and one of the most advanced fuel systems ever seen on a streetcar. It’s no surprise that a car making in excess of 1000WHP received a fully built motor, rods, pistons, and valvetrain, and it was paired with a billet Sonny Bryant crankshaft.

HPE custom fabricated all of the exhaust to accommodate the exhaust gas-driven twin turbochargers that then feed the stock Ford supercharger. Yes, in case you glossed over that fact, this car has two turbochargers AND a supercharger. HPE did extensive research and affirmed that the stock blower is indeed best with this setup since aftermarket superchargers don’t breathe well when consuming turbocharged air.

Supplying the necessary fuel to a 5.4L V8 that runs 30psi is a major enterprise, and this fuel system is magnificent. A ProStar EFI fuel pump is sourced from MagnaFlow and designed to work with two Boost-A-Pumps, which feed a dual injector setup. That’s 16 fuel injectors feeding eight cylinders. This design reduces the size of each fuel droplet, enabling smoother and more stable combustion.

Ensuring that the dual injector setup is properly supplied, HPE installed a standalone fuel swirl pot. What, in the world, is a swirl pot? This is a device that promotes the separation of bubbles from a liquid. In this case, the swirl pot prevents the fuel from getting aerated while it operates under high pressure. And don’t think that all of this high-tech fueling operates civilian grade fuel. This engine is tuned for C16 VP racing fuel.

Leaving no stone unturned in his quest for the most beastly Ford GT on the planet, Jason fitted a Nitrous Outlet 100HP wet shot. Cleanly installed under the bonnet with a Nitrous Outlet remote opener and bottle heater, the addition of nitrous to the GT1000 upgrade ensures that the Ford is in a league of its own. HPE even allowed him to formally badge his car as a GT1100, unlike any other Ford GTs the company ever produced.

There are few vehicles anywhere on the planet that can keep up with this level of insanity. For six months Jason's GT held the record for the fastest Ford GT standing mile, clocking in at 226.2MPH. He has made more than 50 passes at the Texas standing mile, and the car performed impeccably. He never had to call on his Safecraft Halon fire suppression system.

Though the GT1100 employs a Spec ST clutch kit, the stock Recaro transmission required zero upgrades. This is the same unit used in the Bugatti Veyron (in case you were wondering). The stock Brembo brakes have likewise not required any upgrades, aside from the custom Brembo slotted rotors, as this kit is among the most sophisticated braking systems on the planet.

From a standstill, modulating wheelspin is difficult, but when properly launched the GT1100 will easily run a 10.2 second ¼ mile run. Once at speed the GT1100 will absolutely blow your mind since it requires only 4.52 seconds to accelerate from 60 to 130 miles per hour.

Jason took a timeless supercar and elevated it to a level where few can compete. He did this with a style all his own, and it was all executed flawlessly. Should you ever have the good fortune to come in contact with a Ford GT with license plates that read MULLET, there’s only one appropriate response: AWESOME.

Now you tell us, what do you think is AWESOME?


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What a monster; love it


Not to be nitpicky on an old article, but your statement that the transmission is shared with the Veyorn is wholly incorrect. The Veyron uses a Ricardo twin clutch 7 speed transmission. This has a traditional, single clutch Ricardo six speed.

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At the Phoenix campus of UTI, Nicolas Cage donated a Ford GT to us. My friend Pete was lucky enough to be chosen to dyno the bad boy. At almost 570whp, our class was astonished. But this GT... It's just purely remarkable.

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Nicolas Cage, another American Icon haha

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Got to meet this guy and his car several years ago when I took part in the Forum Wars. Here is his episode...

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Insane, just purely insane. Rocky is right, it does define America haha.


before reading the article, i didn't know how awesome swirl pots were, or even what they were.

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Badass all around car. Only a 10.2 at over 1,000hp (A 10 second street car is still awesome!)? Granted it wasn't built for the 1320, but with all the money that went into the car, I would have tried to get a bit better traction with wider wheels, boost by gear, some kind of traction control system or something I haven't thought of. It doesn't detract from the awesomeness of the car, but it is so close to a 9 second street car, and obviously has the power to run 9s that it is almost sacrilegious not to!

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When he ran the 10.2 he was on "slippery Hoosier R6's". Now he's running Mickey Thompson ET Street II's and plans on dipping well into the 9's next time around

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Good deal!


What is the top speed of this car ?

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With enough space it's geared from the factory to do 265

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This car IS America! Great article, great shots. Love the mullet!

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"You have to appreciate this type of allegiance to the mullet lifestyle" Classic

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Such an awesome line!


Man, he must have an awesome wife, for her to put up with him and his love of cars!!!