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This past week, we informally announced our collaboration with several content curators, creators, and other heavy-hitting industry movers who will help build the new and the enthusiast scene as a whole. Among this select group, we’re proud to introduce our direct collaboration with one of the largest up-and-coming motorsport event organizing bodies on the West Coast, Shift-S3ctor.

When a small crew of true motorsport enthusiasts comes together and creates a concept like Shift-S3ctor, you instantly know you have something special when it starts to draw serious attention from huge media outlets such as SpeedHunters, The Smoking Tire, and more. Headquartered in Southern California, the group focuses on SoCal events but is now expanding its reach. With the influx of out-of-state participants to its events, the organization will soon reach out to its neighboring states without limit.

Just last week, Shift-S3ctor announced it will host the Southern California-based Global Time Attack Pro Am series for 2013. Running completely under the GTA umbrella and existing rule set, it will bring us a four- or five-event series at some of the biggest-name circuits in California including Buttonwillow, Chuckwalla, Willow Springs, and more.

But let’s be realistic for a second. There’s a reason why Shift-S3ctor is on everybody’s radar. And that reason is simple, the Airstrip Attack shootouts. Even though Shift-S3ctor hosts a triad of events (drift, road course, and rolling races), the rolling-race airstrip attack shootouts are exactly the 100 percent legal kick-in-the-ass the scene needs. Speeds in excess of 200 mph, high-speed drifts, and white-knuckled shootouts define these events, and we love every minute of them. Want to hear more? Make sure you check out our own coverage of the last event held in November @

To tide you over until next season, check out this ridiculously slick vid just posted today that really embodies the experience.

Here at Revvolution, we have taken on the position as "Official Media Outlet” of Shift-S3ctor. With such a title, we have the task of covering all Shift-S3ctor events for 2013. Make sure you stay tuned to for all future updates!

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