Hot Import Nights: Houston

Text and Photos by Corey Davis

It’s very cold as the snow packs down in Colorado, but not in the Lone Star State. Hot Import Nights is one of those events that we all dreamed about going to when we were in middle school – when neon under-glow and altezza taillights were in. Things have definitely changed quite a bit. Going from ridiculously big vinyl graphics to clean, stanced-out, and tastefully modified rides, the import scene has changed for the better, and this is one event that really captures the movement.

The fender flares on this RSTi allow for quite a bit of rubber. 

Candy apple red S13 with powder-coated Super ADVAN Racing V2 drift wheels to match. 

Definitely a favorite among the crowd, it was one of the only Volkswagens on the floor. 

Even some of the cars were adorned with festive decorations for the holidays. 

Plasti Dip, one of the latest trends in cheap automotive coatings, is excellent if you want a new look without breaking the bank. 

Even Houston’s finest stopped by to check out the rides. 

All imports welcome, even this Datsun Bluebird P312! 

Love the color combo on this matte green Miata sitting on Miro Type 380s. 

Team Ikon brought some serious fire power with some sick S2000s. 

This "Stage 4” fully built S2000 comes from the workshops of Jotech Motorsports and Tintmasters Motorsports. 

Timeless E30 M3 

You simply can’t argue: The stance fad is no longer a fad, it’s here to stay, and we like to think this slammed M3 is a good middle ground between function and form.

At Hot Import Nights, presentation is everything. The overhead lights were dimmed, and each car was showcased with special lighting so it really stood out. Competition was tense as crews and teams paid to enter their rides into the show and compete against a variety of other cars and shops for the title of top ride.

This was one of the more masterfully lit cars at HIN. 

With details inside and out, this NSX came with its own aura. 

This is NOT your average slug bug.

HIN offers imports of all types, so there’s something for everyone. Whether that’s track cars, fully prepped drifters, or all-out show cars with outrageous camber, they’re all here. You’re truly immersed in the whole tuner culture. With this lifestyle, comes a form of entertainment exclusive to the scene. A live DJ fills the conference room with banging tracks; all the while, stunning models weave their way around the cars. Some of the booths even have their own DJs and sound setups. Best of all, HIN doesn’t end until 10 p.m., so there’s certainly time to relax and take in the view.


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Looks like it was a pretty badass show. After college my dream job is to work for Hennessey down in Texas so in a few years I might be at this show. I am not a big fan of the stancing but I still appreciate the money and work that went into every car there. All beauties every one of them.

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We go down to TX2K every year which is held (for a couple of days) at Hennessey's performance shop. It's truly a sight!

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After college thats where I am applying for a job. I already have my fingers crossed and honestly thats why I am keeping my grades up at any cost.

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Very cool!

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Man this article came out great! Awesome pics

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Looks like a badass show that I missed!