The SEMA Show is much more than just an event – it’s a full-blown automotive extravaganza that offers educational seminars, product demonstrations and special events. It also presents valuable networking opportunities within the industry. Most importantly, it charts a course for the auto industry by identifying the biggest trends and styles about to hit the market. With over 60,000 domestic and international buyers in attendance at this year’s show, the SEMA Show is truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

As a trade-only event, the general public is not allowed to attend, which lends an air of exclusivity to the whole affair - almost like being a member of a private club. Walking around Las Vegas during the week of the show, you quickly learn to pick out the other members of this club. Four or five people all wearing the same polo shirt is usually a good indicator. We got used to the stares from other attendees as they checked to see if we had SEMA credentials around our necks, and if so, whether we were vendors, exhibitors, buyers or media.


Colossal is the only word to describe the Las Vegas Convention Center. Luckily, SEMA divides the show into 12 categories, plus the New Products Showcase, which featured nearly 2,000 of the latest and greatest parts, tools and components. The four-day show operates almost like a self-sustaining community, and there’s really no reason to leave until the doors are locked at 5 pm every day.


If you ever get the chance to attend the SEMA Show, take advantage of the opportunity to experience one of the biggest and most elite automotive events of the year. Whether you’re into sport compacts, American muscle or off-road vehicles, we guarantee you will see something that will completely blow your mind.



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Already looking forward to next year! Anybody with me? (: