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1. acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as from study or investigation; general erudition
2. familiarity or conversance, as with a particular subject or branch of learning
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Knowledge is a collection of facts and ideas, of smaller pictures and pieces that form truths. It is the study and comprehension of the concepts and principles behind those truths that pave the way for development, innovation, and progress. Having knowledge allows us to make assessments and decisions and gives us a foundation to build upon. is an automotive knowledge base that aggregates information and opinions on all aspects of the car industry. By creating content and presenting information from experts and industry leaders, as well as passing along the latest developments from the automotive markets and aftermarket technology, is designed specifically for the automotive enthusiast.

Our goal is to be the go-to resource for knowledge and understanding of automotive trends and technologies related to performance, sound and style. We want to help consumers make informed decisions and provide a forum where they can ask questions and get answers. Whether you're building a racecar or showcar, is your primary source for automotive knowledge.

AudioFiles - The Basics

If you’re familiar with our Building Blocks series (You should be! If not, check out the entire performance-related series here), you probably recognize that introduction. Don’t worry - the second iteration of the Building Blocks series is in progress! For our next series of tech articles, we will be working directly with Elite Auto Salon (EAS) to bring you "AudioFiles,” a foray into the fundamentals of automotive sound. As the premier source for high-end, custom car audio in Colorado Springs, the gurus at EAS have a wealth of expertise and experience that will provide the reader with a basic understanding of modern, high-fidelity sound systems.

The first, most basic round of AudioFiles articles will cover these specific topics:

1. Overview/Passive Networks

2. The Source

3. Amplifiers

4. Speakers

5. Fabrication

6. OEM Integration/Active Networks

While providing accurate information is the primary aim of our tech articles, it is just as important to identify and correct the massive amount of misinformation present in the automotive world. The AudioFiles series will strive to clear up common misconceptions surrounding car audio, from OEM integration to subwoofer enclosures to sound imaging, configurations and more.

The Delivery

AudioFiles will be structured the same way the Building Blocks series was – the first round of articles will cover the basics, followed by a second and third series which will be progressively more in-depth. And each time a new article is published (twice per month), we will continue to submit supplementary content from the experts to help you better understand the subjects. Don’t forget to follow us on your News Feed, Facebook, and Twitter for glimpses of real-time project developments, automotive tips, and other useful information.

Stay tuned for the first AudioFiles article, which will set the stage for the entire series with a broad overview of automotive sound systems, as well as an explanation of traditional passive networks.


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