EuroHarvest: Comfortably Numb

Text & Photos by Ryan Randels

Rain and near-freezing temperatures at 7,000 feet above sea level are not the ideal conditions for an automotive gathering, and European car owners are the last group of enthusiasts you would expect to find at such an event. Nevertheless, that's exactly who braved the elements last Saturday at EuroBerge Magazine’s Great EuroHarvest in Golden, Colorado. Despite the gloomy conditions, the initial turn-out was respectable; as Max Gerson of 3zero3 Motorsports joked, "After they get done bitching and moaning, they'll be here!" Fortunately, he was right.

Heritage Square is located in the foothills of Colorado’s Front Range, which was capped with a dismal layer of clouds that hugged the slopes and gave the entire event a feeling of seclusion. The cold, bleak afternoon was a welcomed departure from the scorching summer heat of recent Denver-based events. The entire atmosphere was spot-on for a European car gathering – auto enthusiasts with a common cause enduring the frigid air. The conditions were strangely reminiscent of the native climates of many of the makes in attendance.

Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Volvo and more were represented at the event; everything from rally-ready Audis to stanced VWs to drift-prepped BMWs came out to play.

This kind of weather is strangely foreign to Colorado - the kind of bone-chilling dampness that cuts through multiple layers of clothes and instills a feeling of numbness all over. Still, this didn't prevent anybody from having a great time. A few VW owners actually broke out the camping gear to make themselves and others a much-needed round of hot cocoa.

Regardless of the poor weather, the event proved to be a success. We look forward to future EuroBerge events and the culture and lifestyle they bring.

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