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Team Revvolution is proud to announce the launch of the local arm of – Revvolution of the Rockies, or ROTR. Created to promote the automotive scene of the Rocky Mountain Region, ROTR highlights the motorsports, social events, vehicles and industry leaders that define Colorado’s car culture.

As the social media partner of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, ROTR was inaugurated at this year’s race. Keep an eye out for ROTR at upcoming events and check the Global Positioning System on for a constantly-updated list of local happenings. By utilizing social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and, ROTR has the reach and influence required to successfully promote events, products and services which benefit resident enthusiasts and the local automotive community.

ROTR has partnered with Elite Auto Salon (EAS), the premier one-stop auto-aesthetic experience in Colorado Springs. Previously known as Elite Audio Solutions, EAS and will be headquartered out of a new 4,500-sq. ft. facility on Constitution Ave. and Powers Blvd. hosted the EAS 5th Anniversary People’s Choice Show in June and is excited to establish a more permanent relationship with this booming local shop.

EAS and will be throwing a grand opening party at the new Powers location in October. Stay tuned for details!

Below is a chronological list of all the articles has submitted on local events and features since its inception. ROTR will now be covering all local happenings.

EAS 5th Year: People's Choice

CP of Colorado: Concours d'Elegance

EAS 5th YEAR: Gettin' Close

NSRA: Rocky Mountain Street Rod Nationals

Featured Ride: RMCR-Tuned 2011 Camaro SS RS

PPIHC: Day 1 Tech Inspection

PPIHC: Day 2 & 3 Course Practice

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb: Main Event

Rhys Millen Sets New Record

Revvolution of the Rockies – Uniting Colorado’s Car Culture


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