PPIHC: Day 1 Tech Inspection

As the last flames of the voracious Waldo Canyon Fire were finally squelched, feelings of doubt mixed with hopeful anticipation surrounded the fate of the 2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. On July 3, the announcement came: the 90th annual Hill Climb was set to go for Sunday, August 12. The running of this year's Race to the Clouds represents a pinnacle of human achievement in more ways than one; to the citizens of Colorado Springs, the competitors and the motorsports community as a whole, it will always hold special meaning.

These sick #STaSIS wheels on the #PPIHC #Audi pace #car caught our eye.

Summit Her-02 and #Toyota TMG EVP002 represent the EV electric class. Enough to beat @Monster_Tajima? #PPIHC #pikes2012

This '76 #Yamaha Champion "cafe racer" will run in the #PPIHC vintage #motorcycle class.

Even the parking lot of @PPIR was full of unique and fast cars. #PPIHC #pikes2012

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