Like Father, Like Son: Rhys Millen Sets New PPIHC Record

Text by Jeff Schmitt

Although now fully paved, the road to the successful completion of 90th annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb was hardly a smooth one. Wet weather, vehicle malfunctions and two serious crashes delayed the race and ultimately forced officials to close the course after Glen Cove once the track became too slick. The Super Stock Car and Open Wheel classes, along with a substantial portion of the Time Attack class, were unable to complete the entire race.

Luckily, Rhys Millen was still able to crush Monster Tajima’s lofty 2011 time of 9:51.278 with an unbelievable 9:46.164, and is now the world record-holder. With two 1205cc Ducati Multistradas in first and second for a substantial portion of the race, the new tarmac section no doubt allowed for an overall increase in speed. But it was Millen family genetics, paired with their fully-prepped Hyundai Genesis, which made Rhys the champion, a concept the Millen family is well-accustomed to. Rhys’ dad, Rod Millen, is a rally legend in his own right and set the Time Attack 2WD record at last year’s race in the same car.

Millen chalks his victory up to his experience at Pikes Peak throughout the years, as well as significant changes to the car to fully exploit the all-tarmac course. His own team, Rhys Millen Racing (RMR), installed wider, stickier Hankook F200 tires mounted on super-lightweight HRE wheels to increase traction, while a potent new Garrett GTX3582 turbocharger was chosen to boost power and torque in the 4.1-liter V6 to approximately 700. Additionally, a new aero package creates the down force necessary to keep the Genesis squarely planted in the corners.

Team Revvolution would like to formally congratulate Rhys on a stellar performance and wish him continued success in his motorsports career. We thoroughly enjoyed both of his celebratory burnouts, which temporarily blinded us and filled our lungs with acrid rubber smoke. A new “King of the Mountain” has been crowned!


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