The Art of Formula Drift

The Art of Stance.

With Formula Drift comes a culture that carries its own style unlike any other automotive scene. The built-to-spec performance driven vehicles of the sport cater to function over form. But that doesn't necessarily translate to the cultural following. Perhaps to best describe the drift culture would be to accentuate the following of the stanced crowd. Bagged and coiled imports line the lots of the Formula D events even in cities where the road crews haven't paid attention to the road conditions for years. Dragging bumpers and rolled and popped fenders are the norm here.

The concept of form over function reigns supreme with an attitude that mimics the Japanese scene where the stance movement arguably started. To some, this movement has spawned a lifestyle, leaving others scratching their heads wondering how such a style has caught an international following. But when done correctly, we at Revvolution understand how many refer to it as an art form. An art that lends the younger generation of gearheads a medium to convey their individuality: putting their mark on something they can call their own and share with the rest of the automotive world.

Taking this culture by storm, we are seeing the stance movement pop up all across the States. From the warm weather roads of the South to the ice-beaten asphalt of the Pacific Northwest. And with a movement comes followers. With followers, comes gatherings and congregations. And from these come united groups of enthusiasts. Luckily for the rest of the world looking in, Formula Drift has teamed with one of the largest stanced communities, Slammed Society, to bring you one of the best car shows in the industry. Unfortunately for us, we only caught the tail end of the show as we spent most of our time covering the drift event itself.

These vehicles here are a depiction of a movement that's here to stay. Each and every one of these vehicles conveys the individuality that defines the owners for the rest to enjoy.

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