Formula Drift Round 5 - Throwdown: Day 2 Main Comp

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Professional drift events never cease to astonish, and we’re no rookie to this game. In yesterday’s 5th installment of the Formula Drift 2012 Pro Championships Series, the energy was turbo-charged at the Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington. Amped spectators ready for the day’s action convened from all over the Pacific Northwest to the Nascar-sanctioned track for the sold-out event. If you have not had the opportunity to attend one of these events, you would be amazed with the energy that flows through the spectators and drivers. There are only a few other types of automotive sport that can match the following of Formula Drift’s spirit and vigor. The crowd is young and energetic, and for good reason – “Throwdown” proved to be one of the most heated rounds in the competition.

Cascadia’s weather cleared making way for an amazing photographic backdrop, while the Top 32 qualifiers from the previous day’s qualification rounds readied their vehicles and teams. A team on-point both mentally and mechanically was a must if they planned on reaching the podium.

Top 32 Highlights

In the match-up between Essa and Bakchis, Essa put his car hard into the wall, yet advanced to the next round.

Castro lost control and spun out however was able to secure the victory over Mordaunt.

In a heated early rivalry, Rhys Millen was able to take the win over Chris Forsberg.

Justin Pawlak, the previous point leader was taken out in the first round by Jeremy Lowe.

Nishida damaged his vehicle and called the 5-minute-rule however wasn’t able to pull it together so by technicality, Tuerck advanced onto the next round.

Tony Angelo spins out into the middle of the track after the big bank and was able to prevent any damage. Despite his efforts, Toshiki Yoshioka drove away with the win.

Sweet 16

In the match between Essa and Gittin Jr, Essa put his car into the wall and called the 5-minute-rule. Unfortunately Essa couldn’t repair the vehicle to continue the run. Gittin Jr was awarded the win.

Fields collided with Castro, leaving the interpretation to the judges, and Fields advanced to the next round.

Millen took down the 2011 Pro Champ Yoshihara in a unanimous victory.

Lowe took a digger into the wall halfway into the long bank, given the 5-minute-rule to get his vehicle fixed. Tuerck took the win.

Yoshioka spun out allowing Gushi to advance to the Great 8

Great 8

Gittin Jr took down Powers

Rhys “Mad Skills Millen” took down Matt Field

Ryan Tuerck gets the unanimous win over Ryan Kado

Ken Gushi took down Conrad Grunewald.

Final 4

Vaughn Gittin Jr puts Rhys Millen under, Millen goes on to the Consolation Round and Gittin Jr advances to the Final Battle.

Tuerck advances over Ken Gushi to the Competition Round and Gushi goes to the Final Battle.

Final Battle

In an epic battle between American Muscle (Gittin Jr in the RTR Mustang) and Import Braun (Tuerck in the 240 LS), Gittin Jr walked-away with a solid victory for the second round in a row. Gittin Jr. now leads in points for both the Pro Championship and the Triple Crown

Consolation Round

Rhys Millen in his Hyundai Genesis was able to clench the victory over Ken Gushi in his Scion FR-S in the battle for 3rd place in the Consolation Round.

Round 5: Throwdown Event Results

Winner - Gittin Jr., Vaughn, Monster Energy / Falken Ford Mustang
Second Place - Tuerck, Ryan, Team Retaks Nissan 240SX
Third Place - Millen, Rhys, Hankook / Rhys Millen Racing Hyundai Genesis Coupe

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Formula DRIFT Professional Championship 2012 Point Standings After 5 Events

1. Gittin Jr., Vaughn, Monster Energy / Falken Ford Mustang, 391 Points
2. Saito, Daigo, Achilles Tire / Bridges Racing Lexus SC430, 383.50 Points
3. Pawlak, Justin, Falken Tire Ford Mustang, 376 Points
4. Yoshihara, Daijiro, Discount Tire / Falken Tire Nissan S13, 347 Points
5. Tuerck, Ryan, Team Retaks Nissan 240SX, 328.50 Points
6. Millen, Rhys, Hankook / Rhys Millen Racing Hyundai Genesis Coupe, 318.25 Points
7. Aasbo, Fredric, Need for Speed / Papadakis Racing Scion TC, 295.50 Points
8. Forsberg, Chris, NOS Energy Drink / Hankook Nissan 370Z, 293 Points
9. Powers, Matt, Need for Speed / Nitto Nissan S14, 275.50 Points
10. Bakchis, Aurimas "Odi", Bakchis Motorsports Nissan 240SX S14, 267.75 Points
11. Gushi, Ken, Greddy / Hankook Scion FR-S, 266.50 Points
12. Grunewald, Conrad, Hankook Chevrolet Camaro, 238.50 Points
13. Essa, Michael, GSR Autosport / Nitto BMW ZR4, 232 Points
14. Moen, Kenneth, Lutz Performance Nissan 350Z, 231 Points
15. Kado, Ryan, Forged Racing / Nexen Tire Nissan 350Z , 226 Points
16. Yoshioka, Toshiki, RS*R Nissan S15,224.75 Points

Next Round

Join us for the next round of Formula Drift where the action will continue in Las Vegas, NV August 24 – 25. Check out additional information on the Formula Drift website:

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