Featured Ride: RMCR-Tuned 2011 Camaro SS RS

In the world of automotive performance, there are fast cars, and then there are fast cars; this 2011 Chevy Camaro SS RS falls into the second category. The new Super Sport Camaros are pretty sweet right out of the box, with 426 horsepower, a 6-speed manual transmission, and 20" wheels. The SS RS gets nice extras, like xenon halo headlights and a slick gauge cluster in front of the shifter. But as you’ve probably guessed by now, the owner wasn’t interested in a stock car. Enter Rocky Mountain Competitive Research of Colorado Springs.

Owned by tuning wizard Mark McCallon, RMCR is responsible for turning out some insane rides, and this Camaro was no exception. When Team Revvolution arrived at the shop, Mark already had the car strapped down on the dyno, and we had the chance to pick his brain while he made some last-minute preparations.

This F-body puts down an astounding 1,012 horsepower and 934 ft-lbs of torque and does it on regular 91-octane pump gas. Yes, these numbers are corrected for altitude, but Mark explained that the car would pick up an extra 3 psi of boost at sea level, so the difference is negligible. Although ethanol has lately become extremely popular for forced induction applications, Mark chose to use pump gas simply because it’s more readily available and offers better fuel economy. The smooth, linear power band starts at 2,500 rpm and steadily increases to redline, a testament to Mark’s skill and the fully programmable EFILive engine management system.

The heart of this monster is a Golen-built 427 ci LSX long block with forged internals, including 9.5:1 Diamond pistons, a Callies crankshaft and I-beam Ultra rods, and ARP main studs. Mark explained that the LSX block was chosen because it has provisions for extra head studs, which are necessary for safely running high boost. An Edelbrock intake manifold feeds into reworked heads with oversized valves, a custom ground camshaft, and carbon fiber valve covers. A huge Ron Davis radiator keeps the whole shebang running nice and cool.

The pièce de résistance is a shiny Vortech V-7 YSI centrifugal supercharger, which pumps air through a massive 18"x21"x6" intercooler and charge pipes that transition from 3" at the compressor outlet to 4" at the throttle body. A pair of Vortech dump valves relieve the intake tract of up to 20 psi between shifts. To further lower IATs and reduce the risk of detonation, a fully automated Snow Performance methanol injection system sprays "Boost Juice” from a trunk-mounted reservoir through dual-opposing nozzles mounted in the upper intercooler pipe.

Once the air is sufficiently cooled, 100 lb. injectors and three in-tank Walbro pumps ensure an adequate fuel supply; each pump is capable of providing 255 liters of fuel per hour. NGK plugs and custom wires provide the spark. Mark told us the OEM coils can easily handle these power levels. Spent exhaust gasses are routed through 2" primaries into a 3.5" exhaust, both by Stainless Works. Did we mention it sounds incredible? A twin-disc Spec clutch harnesses the torque and transfers it to the 9" rear end via a strengthened driveshaft. The rear-mounted transmission cooler keeps gearbox temps in check. Even with sticky 305-width Pirellis in the back, we imagine traction is virtually nonexistent.

KW’s Variant 3 coilovers were selected to replace the factory suspension and give the car a perfect stance. The RS comes well-equipped from the factory with 6-piston Brembo calipers up front and 4 pistons in the rear; NASCAR-style J-hook rotors and more aggressive pads are the only upgrades to the braking system.

While the engine is anything but stock, the rest of the car looks like it just rolled off the assembly line. The polished, angle-cut exhaust tips and gargantuan intercooler are the only visible indicators that something sinister is lurking under the hood. There are also certain audible cues; between the whining supercharger and the ferocious bark of the exhaust, it sounds like a caged animal—one that is very large and very angry. We’d like to thank Mark and everyone at RMCR for giving us the opportunity to check out such an amazing machine. Keep up the good work, guys!

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  • Golen 427 ci LSX long block
  • 9.5:1 Diamond pistons
  • Callies crankshaft
  • Callies I-beam Ultra rods
  • ARP main studs
  • Edelbrock intake manifold
  • Custom camshaft
  • Carbon fiber valve covers
  • Ron Davis radiator
  • Vortech V-7 YSI centrifugal supercharger
  • 18"x21"x6" intercooler
  • Vortech blow-off valves (x2)
  • Snow Performance methanol injection
  • Boost Juice
  • 100 lb. injectors
  • Walbro 255 lph fuel pumps (x3)
  • NGK spark plugs
  • Custom spark plug wires
  • Stainless Steel Works Exhaust (2" primaries, 3.5" main)
  • EFILive engine management system

  • Spec twin-disc clutch
  • 9" rear end

  • KW’s Variant 3 coilovers

  • NASCAR-style J-hook rotors
  • Upgraded pads

  • Pirelli tires (305 mm rear)


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