The launch of our newest feature provides an ideal opportunity to explain the theory behind REVVOLUTION.COM. We’re creating an online community of automotive enthusiasts that is fueled by the culture of automotive society – a culture that is changing for the better.

As the automotive culture evolves, differences that were once evident between enthusiasts pale in comparison to cultural changes. We continue to evolve in an era of technological advancement, increased demand for fuel efficiency, and an unstable economy, all while access to and the spread of information grows exponentially. These developments have allowed enthusiasts who were once separated by a growing chasm defined by their beliefs, affinities, status, and influence to come together, reshaping our automotive culture.

Unity among enthusiasts is being encouraged by 21st century technological innovations. Safety standards, traction control, and emission laws are just a few examples of new technologies that are leveling the playing field for vehicles. In addition, Green tech introduces an entirely new group of cars, reducing the differences that were once apparent between platforms.

Weekend “cars and coffee” gatherings are now destinations that appeal to a wide variety of enthusiasts – Ferrari owners giving the nod of approval to American muscle car fans, lowrider enthusiasts showing their admiration for hot rods, and import tuners showing respect and admiration for vintage cars. All share a mutual appreciation for passion.

This changing culture is establishing a unified community of enthusiasts with a shared passion of getting our hands dirty – be it bondoing our fender flares, rebuilding our engines, restoring our interiors, or spending hours impeccably polishing and detailing. We are the “DIY generation,” motivated by performance, style, and the ability to go fast. And we are learning from each other.

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