Formula Drift: Streets of Long Beach

While it was not our original intent to write an article about our experience at Round 1 of the Formula Drift series, we just can’t help but pass on the interest and emotions it has instilled and the depiction of a lifestyle it’s painted.

Due to prior obligations earlier in the week, we weren’t able to arrive in Los Angeles until Friday evening. As a result, we missed the Thursday and Friday events, including practice and qualification rounds. Knowing what outlets to keep tabs on, however, allowed us to stay in the know for the qualifications results. See the Notable Links section at the end of this article for more information.

With the qualification round complete by the time we hit the Tarmac, we were amped for Friday’s event. The buzz on the streets of Long Beach alluded to something big – an event that brought people from all over the country to become immersed in the lifestyle that is Formula D.



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