EAS 5th Year Anniversary: People's Choice

It’s an event like the one last Saturday that defines what it means to be part of a true automotive enthusiast community. Drifting, a bass competition, the People’s Choice Car Show or an eighth-mile drag race can each draw a crowd. Combine them all, and you have something truly epic. This is the concept that Elite Audio Solutions (EAS) of Colorado Springs, Colorado, devised to commemorate its fifth year in the in-car-entertainment and automotive-aesthetics industry.

Since it was the inaugural EAS throw-down, the pressure was on to host a revolutionary event for those immersed in the Colorado automotive scene. Held at Pike’s Peak International Raceway, EAS strategically scheduled the event to coincide with Triple Crown Drift’s track day, which drew a huge crowd and highlighted the emerging race genre and the day’s activities. The bass competition, hosted by local Colorado audio gurus tuTWENTY and Mile High Bass, pushed the limits of high-fidelity as the judges decided who had the most hair-raising bass. When the gates to the eighth-mile drag down the pit-lane opened, it set the tone for the rest of the event. Hundreds watched from the PPIR grandstands as vehicles emanating performance and style vied for the quickest time. Team Revvolution secured the opportunity to host the People’s Choice Show to highlight the work and style the participants brought out.

Team Revvolution wasn’t originally intended to host the People’s Choice Show, but after introducing ourselves to the EAS crew, the opportunity presented itself and was too much to resist. Our partnership gave us the perfect chance to showcase the features of and boost the image of both companies. By using the Ultimate Show-Down to host the People’s Choice Show online, our entire community and the rest of the world voiced its opinion to decide the victor.

While the Team Revvolution crew photographed each ride against a Revvolution/EAS backdrop, the participants signed up for and were automatically entered into the People’s Choice Show. Voting remained open for a few days, allowing members from across the globe to choose who would win the EAS gift certificate and the more important ultimate bragging rights.

It’s clear the event was a success due to effective crowd engagement and the efforts of both crews involved. In three days more than 30,000 votes were cast to determine the top five winners of the EAS People’s Choice Show.

5th Place - Ceetwarrior's 1967 Ford F100

4th Place - SiCivic09's 2009 Honda Civic Si

3rd Place - Phantom240sx's 2001 Acura Integra GS-R

2nd Place - Traelyife's 2007 Honda Civic Si

1st Place - Turk65's 2005 Scion xB

The amazing turnout at the event proves that enthusiasts from all different corners of the car culture can come together in one place and enjoy what makes us all alike: the love of all things automotive. Team Revvolution’s primary mission is to promote a sense of unity among all car enthusiasts, and the team looks forward to unveiling our game-changing plans in the near future. For now let’s just say EAS and have big plans in the coming months, plans that will have a positive impact on the entire automotive enthusiast community.


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