CP of Colorado: Concours D'Elegance

The 29th Annual Exotic Sports Car Show & Concours D’Elegance, hosted by CP of Colorado, had all the elements for a successful event: beautiful, sunny weather; live music from MoDazz; activities and exhibits for children; and the most important, the perfect mix of exotics, imports, domestics and classic cars. Held at the Arapahoe Community College campus in Denver, the show raised money to improve the local community.

The overall atmosphere was upscale with an emphasis on high-performance and classic vehicles. The tasteful modifications found on some cars were cleanly installed and had a factory look. An APR-tuned Audi S5, courtesy of Concours Cars in Colorado Springs, looked so OEM we almost missed the glossy black supercharger.

Porsche, Ferrari and NSX owners had the largest presence, followed by BMW, Mercedes-Benz and a slew of Corvettes, Audis, DeTomasos and Lotuses. Several purpose-built racecars showed up as well; a K-PAX-tuned Volvo S60 caught our eye with its massive V-mount intercooler setup and absurdly large turbo.


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