Performance Fluids 101

Text by Aidan Spraic and Arnold Eugenio // Photos by DSPORT Staff

Get Your Car On The Right Liquid Diet
FOR PERFORMANCE ENTHUSIASTS, a lot of thinking goes into the parts purchased and installed on their project vehicles. Sometimes it's tempting to save a few bucks by using cheap fluids on your vehicle so that you can get that new electronic boost controller or strut tower brace. The quality of the fluids used on your vehicle will directly influence the performance and reliability of many of the mechanical systems from engine to brakes to steering. Trying to save a few dollars today may cost you thousands of dollars in a few months or years.

Synthetic Oil or Not Synthetic Oil - That is the Question
The simple answer to the synthetic oil question is "yes." The additional cost of using a performance synthetic engine oil may seem excessive, but its money well spent. Synthetic oils for your engine, transmission and differentials use superior base stocks and more comprehensive additive packages. Quality synthetic oils will often improve fuel efficiency and horsepower by additional friction compared to mineral oils. Thanks to superior technology, synthetic oils will also deliver better protection to the engine, transmission and differentials.



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