GT-Rs of TX2K12: Jotech Motorsports

Before you get started, make sure you've read the Prevailing Tech Themes of the TX2K12 GT-Rs

This luxury-tuning powerhouse from Garland, Texas, certainly made a statement with their heavy-duty array of GT-R R35s at this year’s TX2K12 event. Specializing in such high-end luxury vehicles as BMW, Acura, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche, Nissan, and more, Jotech Motorsports has made a name for itself in the world of performance tuning. Jotech’s reputation is further fortified by their synergies with industry leaders such as the exclusive HRE Wheels and Black Magic. All efforts combined for not only Jotech’s performance-oriented showing but also one of style and stance.

Born from a varied set of disciplines, the collective knowledge of the in-house team of technicians and tuners, led by 14-year veteran Kenny Tran, allows them to deliver extremely robust platforms for the street, track, and strip. By dialing in their production packages through numerous iterations of R&D vehicles, they can cater to the growing R35 demand with stable performance packages. This allows them to provide customers with turnkey results tailored for their specific needs on a production scale. Everything from building the engine and transmission to tuning, with installation being done in house, makes Jotech Motorsports a one-stop shop. Their versatility of R35s at the event supports this notion, as they brought a total of eight, ranging from the street-driven Stage 2 - 568whp 2009 R35 to a Stage 5 – 978whp 2010 R35 to a 620whp dedicated track monster.

While none of these vehicles are anything short of stunning, a particular Lambo-Green wide-body R35 caught our attention. By dressing it up, making it strong, and fortifying an already near-perfect platform, Jotech was able to showcase the quintessential qualities of the GT-R R35.

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