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Reminiscent of the days when Brian O’Conner and Dominic Toretto of The Fast and the Furious ruled the streets, the annual Performance and Style show held at the Carlisle, PA, Fairgrounds never ceases to impress. The modified import–dominated event is a true testament to a lifestyle forged by performance, stance, style, and ICE (in-car entertainment). With over 1,500 vehicles on the grounds and approximately 20,000 true enthusiasts flocking to the modified madness, it’s a wonder how the Carlisle event staff can tame such a passionate crowd.

It wasn’t always like that. P&S was originally called the Custom Compact and Tuner Show and debuted in 1996 as a spin-off of the Import and Kit Nationals, held yearly. According to legend, this event has always been more than just a car show. Unruly antics, scantily clad women, party celebrations, and the automotive mantra that “mine’s better than yours” led to Carlisle Events’ decision to reevaluate their position with the show. For a brief moment in history, P&S left Carlisle, only to return years later – the prudent decision to tame the monster and keep it on the grounds as part of the overall Carlisle Events family was made.

Over the years, Carlisle, PA, Fairgrounds has been home to every automotive genre that exists. As the location of the largest car, truck, and motorcycle shows in the country, Carlisle Events scheduled more than 10 events for 2012. Spring Carlisle, Ford Nationals, Bike Fest, Truck Nationals, and Corvettes at Carlisle are just some of the events that are held on the grounds each year. Carlisle Events is known as one of the first companies in the US to specifically organize and promote events for the collector car and truck hobbyist. And P&S certainly upholds this reputation.

The weekend-long celebration of lifestyle commenced when the floodgates opened at 9 a.m. on Saturday, May 11. For the rest of the day, enthusiasts from all over visited the show fields to participate in the judged car show and various adrenaline-fueled activities that would be frowned upon by insurance companies of all walks. Drifting and autocross action continued all weekend as walk-in participants pushed their vehicles and rubber to the limit. Several groups showcased the latest tuner and ICE trends with LowLifeStyle at their Carlisle Dirty Stancing pavilion, Scikotics Scion community showcased their style in their own pavilion, and Carlisle welcomed back the Tjin Edition Roadshow. The StarBoyz appeared for several shows at the grandstands, followed by the infamous Ms. Carlisle beauty and burnout contests.

And the chaos didn’t end there. Come Sunday, thousands flocked back to the fairgrounds for more StarBoyz, autocross, and drifting action. The long awaited results from the previous day’s judging session were announced, awards were presented, and a parade followed.

While this wasn’t our first time at the event, it definitely will not be our last. Keep an eye out for us at such upcoming events all over the country, and if we don’t know about it, drop us a line and make sure we do!



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