TX2K12: Day 4 Final Coverage - Lonestar Motorsports Park

The fourth and final day of TX2K12 was one of overcast skies and a crowd ardent for the day's event. The gates opened at 9 AM, immediately followed by a hot test-and-tune track. There was no delay this morning, and unfortunately this was no indication of things to come.

The day's event was packed with an early morning test-n-tune session, two rounds of qualifying, and the eagerly anticipated elimination rounds. During the downtime between each qualifying and elimination rounds, test-n-tune sessions filled the void to give the contestants a chance to prep. This buffer was used as a time contingency in the event of any unforeseen issues on the track.

With the occasional downtime, we were able to do a couple of shoots to really exemplify the talent that was brought to the track. While this simply doesn't do the event justice in the sense, it paints a nice picture for those that couldn't attend.



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