TX2K12: Day 3 Coverage - Lonestar Motorsports Park

Coming off a high-note from Day 2 Dyno day, we were amped to see what was in-store for days 3 & 4 at the Lonestar Motorsports Park drag strip. Arriving around 8 AM, we could tell many were still recouperating from last night's Frank-N-Stein meet & bikini contest. Nonetheless, the players showed-up to race and the tone was set early on.

The different genres of vehicles participating in the drag sessions were a testament to the truly unified spirit of TX2K12. American Muscle, Tuners, Exotics and Bikers all sharing the track with a common goal of earning the title in their respective classes. However, the competitive nature of the teams was amplified by last year's rivalries and they were back and ready for action.



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