TX2K12: Day 1 Coverage - MSR Houston

TX2K12 will forever go down in the books as one of the most intense car events of its kind. Four days and nights of pure automotive glory, words cannot describe the feelings experienced during the event.

Now in its 13th year, TX2K was originally launched as a small, grassroots gathering targeting Toyota Supra enthusiasts. Over the past dozen years, TX2K has evolved into an international event featuring GT-R’s, Porsches, Vipers, Lamborghinis, Corvettes and other high-performance favorites. This year, TX2K12 included a driver’s education and Time Attack event at MSR Houston, Dyno Day at Hennessey Performance engineering, as well as drag and roll racing at Lonestar Motorsports Park.

During the weeks preceding the event, we all sat in hope that the clouds and rain would give way to sunshine and warmth. Luckily our prayers prevailed as the entire event went off without a single drop of rain. While the overcast skies may not have presented the most flattering photography, the vehicles that graced the event allowed some breathtaking shots to be taken.

TX2K12: DAY 1

Day 1 of TX2K12 took place at the meticulously well-taken-care-of track, MSR Houston, located 35 miles south in Angleton, TX. The track is a 2.38 mile, 17-turn, 40 foot wide road course that combines a balance of slow, medium, and high speed corners.

Aerial image of the MSR Houston road course track.

TX2K12 MSR Houston track configuration.


The races were broken into two different classes, Beginner and Advanced. Each of those classes were further broken down into groups of 5-6 cars to maximize track time. Each interval on the track was approximately 30 minutes, split among two sessions through-out the day.

Shot of the session board and times.

Anybody interested in participating in the Time Attack race at the end of the day was required to rent a transponder at the event, recording the respective driver’s track times. The five drivers with the fastest times were entered into the Time Attack race.

Shot of the Time Attack Line-up.



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