GT-Rs of TX2K12: T1 Race Development

Before you get started, make sure you've read the Prevailing Tech Themes of the TX2K12 GT-Rs

With an army of fully loaded Nissan GT-R R35s, T1 Race Development (T1) undoubtedly brought the troops to battle and was looking for a full-on altercation. While their heavy hitter was unable to appear due to developing a hairline fracture during the tuning session just moments before departure, T1 certainly did not come up short. All four of their featured R35s were able to dip well below the ten second mark—no easy feat.

T1’s natural evolution from its industry-leading import drag legacy to the versatile and power-hungry R35 platform is evident through their four features. Through a proven process of progressive iteration, T1 is constantly evolving these four builds to provide a fully competent and reliable performance solution for their R35 kits.

Given that all four of these packages are technically still works in progress, many of the technical details have not been released, as they are constantly evolving. T1 fabricates much of their builds in house, while relying on their technical partners to do what they do best and manufacturing their parts based on specifications engineered by the T1 crew.

Similar to one of the prevailing themes, all four of these vehicles are running E85. T1’s take is to provide the Zeitronix sensor and gauge, which allows the system to monitor the ethanol content and report it back to the driver. While they have not incorporated a true flex-fuel solution, this allows the driver to rely on the factory computer to run closed-loop control off the O2 sensor input, thus allowing for a significant variance in ethanol content. In the event that content falls below the optimum range, the driver is notified and takes it easy to prevent catastrophic engine failure. Under high-boost applications, it is very important it is to be cognizant of the ethanol content.

While several of these features contain variances in their turbo kits, T1 is confident that future kits will be nailed down with the following: the GT1R 3E Series package will utilize the stock manifold with an upgraded turbo cartridge and the GT28 turbine wheel. Both of the future GT1R 4E and 5E Series packages will include T1’s upgraded cast manifolds, while the 4E will be GT30 based, and the 5E can be either GT35 or T37 based.

Tony’s 2009 Nissan GT-R R35

Tony’s R35 is an iteration of the GT1R 3E series package. This includes the upgraded turbo cartridge with the GT28 turbine and the HTA71 billet compressor wheel connected to the stock manifolds, which dump into the 4’’ T1 stainless steel exhaust system. Tuned in house utilizing the COBB AccessPort to run E85, the fuel system had to be upgraded to meet the higher fuel delivery demand. This includes Injector Dynamics 2000 injectors, T1 fuel rails, and the T1 triple fuel pump system.

To get power to the 21" iForged Sprint wheels on the street or the 18" Volk TE37SLs on the track, an upgraded transmission was in order. To accomplish this task, Tony’s R35 had the Stage 2 transmission manufactured by Shepherd Transmission installed.

For a bit of visual steez, Tony had the 2012 front bumper conversion installed with the Stillen front lip and wrapped the entire vehicle in a supersleek matte grey wrap.

Tony was able to put down 760 awhp on the T1 Mainline AWD Dyno and clocked a best ET of 9.91 seconds @ 145 MPH during the TX2K12 event.

  • GT1R Series E3 Package - 760whp on E85. Best ET 9.91 @ 145 mph
  • Turbo cartridge upgrade w/GT28 turbine wheel and HTA71 billet compressor, stock manifold
  • T1 4" SS exhaust system
  • Injector Dynamics 2000 injectors, T1 fuel rails and T1 triple fuel pump
  • Tuned w/the COBB AccessPORT
  • Shepherd Transmission Stage 2 Trans upgrade
  • 21" IForged Sprint wheels for street
  • 18" Volk TE37SL wheels for track
  • Matte dark grey wrap
  • 2012 Front bumper conversion
  • Stillen front lip

Check out Tony's R35 in T1's Garage

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