GT-Rs of TX2K12: AMS Performance

People notice when you become an industry leader and innovator for the Mitsubishi Evo platform. How do you make them aware of your advancements in the GT-R R35 platform? You can do what Automotorsports, Inc. (AMS Performance) did and start claiming world records, but do not let their newly acquired world-renowned GT-R reputation fool you. Their love for the game started way back in the early 2000s with the 4G63 DSM platforms. AMS Performance has been setting the standard ever since with their reliable research, design, and test-oriented product fabrication model.

This mentality is exactly what has propelled their advancements in the DSM, EVO, and now the GT-R R35 worlds. By executing their model through iterations of R&D, they have been able to fine-tune their methods and knowledge in the performance industry.

In late 2009, AMS Performance set a new goal for themselves: to significantly advance the performance possibilities of the R35 platform. From that goal, the Alpha packages were created with a specific objective in mind. As records were set and demand increased, they focused on the need for a package that would really push the limit. Thus, the Alpha 12 was born.

At the heart of the Alpha 12 is the AMS Performance spec “Alpha 4.0L Race Engine.” Working hand in hand with JE Pistons and Manley Performance, they helped design the pistons and connecting rods that would meet the demands of their GT-R engine program. Then they set their sights on boring and wet-sleeve-reinforcing the block to consistently withstand more than 1,000ft-lbs of torque. The bored & stroked combination resulted in a .2L increase over the stock 3.8L configuration for the VR38 race engine, complete with a set of CNC-machined and ported cylinder heads with an AMS Performance upgraded valvetrain.

With the Alpha Race Engine dialed in, it became necessary to further upgrade the remaining components of the drivetrain. The inherent issues with the R35 stock transmission led to the pairing of the Alpha Race Engine to a newly designed and fabricated Alpha 12 Shepherd Transmission.

With a large margin of safety built into their design, the Alpha Race Engine and Alpha 12 transmission were able to easily handle the topped-out 1,500 bhp that the overall Alpha 12 package could throw at it—the extent of the power capabilities had yet to be discovered. As all performance-oriented hobbyists could agree, that limit must be pushed. Unfortunately, the end of the 2011 season was fast approaching, and the test tracks near AMS Performance’s Chicago-based facility were closing. The limits of the Alpha engine and supporting components would have to wait to be pushed until the TX2K12 event the following March.

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