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Monday starts the week with a mid-day tech inspection, but Tuesday through Friday feature practice and qualifying sessions that begin at 5 a.m., necessitating wake up calls well before 3 in the morning to ensure they are on the mountain and ready to run. The days don’t end after practice as the teams continue to tweak their settings for optimum performance, sometimes even hitting up local dynos for last minute tunes that can last well into the night. Yeah, those other racing series really have it easy!


When we caught wind that Porsche had brought a small army of engineers and a tester to our home turf of Colorado, we couldn’t help but send out the crew. What we found was that they had come for some high-altitude testing, running eight 918 Spyders and a slew of Cayenne SUVs through their passes at altitude outside of Denver. The vehicles shown here are in varying levels of condition, from test mules to near production quality. An example of the difference can be seen with the 918’s door handles and the taillights that appear to be pulled straight off a 911. The 918 Spyder is marked for the 2015 model year with a price tag nearly $900,000, and we can’t wait to get a pure production version here in Colorado.