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#TeamRevv had the chance to catch up with a group of adrenaline seeking individuals and their cars on the sixth installment of the goldRush Rally that made its way through Denver on Monday June 2nd at the Four Seasons hotel.


When Rush hits theaters nationwide on September 28, moviegoers will be seeing the dramatic tale of the 1976 Formula 1 season and the legendary battle between Nikki Lauda and James Hunt. Polar opposites both on an off the track, their differing approaches to racing and life cast a spectacular backdrop for a season that dealt with success, tragedy, and a literal return from the ashes.

To help educate racing enthusiasts who perhaps don’t know a lot about Formula 1, especially the cars from the 1970s, we would like to introduce you to the other stars of Rush: Ferrari’s 312 T2 and McLaren’s M23. Thanks to a more open set of regulations for racing back in 1976 (and designs truly conceived on paper), the cars really took on their own identity. Let’s take a look at what set these two legends of racing apart.


One thing Team Revvolution has noticed from our most recent high-speed airstrip events (e.g., Shift-S3ctor’s Airstrip Attacks and the Texas Mile) is that many participants compete with Ford GTs. What is it about the coveted supercar that has made it such a popular choice at these events? Perhaps it’s an automobile that is near perfect from the factory, yet has so much potential for modifications. Even famed Texas tuner Hennessey Performance set a new Texas Mile Record (in a GT) last year and has since broken that record twice (257.7 mph and 263.3 mph in 2012, 267.7 mph in 2013). This is a look at the heritage and modified development of the Ford GT.