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Those who are new to the automotive scene may think the cleanest of cars are created only by master builders and enthusiasts working in the automotive field. If you’re one of those people, then our good friend and San Francisco native, John Delaughter, will prove you wrong with his backyard-built, daily-driven 1973 Toyota Celica. John’s heart for classic Japanese domestic market (JDM) automobiles has led him to visit Japan four times, learn Japanese, and create one of the most legitimate of builds. It’s a build that doesn’t just show-off an affinity for style and speed, but a true love of the Modified Lifestyle.


With more than 2,000 registered cars expected to be at this year's Big SoCal Euro Gathering, it was evident that this event was going to be no less than extraordinary. There’s no doubt that such an event requires a distinct venue with sufficient space to accommodate thousands of cars and spectators. The obvious choice was Qualcomm Stadium, which is home to the San Diego Chargers and can hold more than 70,000 raucous fans. The stadium has the second-largest parking lot in the United States, allowing it to host the great number of European cars that arrived.