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The buzz surrounding the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show on social media sites made it clear that this year was going to be special. The 2013 show featured more new car debuts, frommore manufacturers, than it has in recent years. With manufacturers leaking teaser photos to web based media, in the weeks leading up to the start of the show, there was plenty to be excited and anxious about. Team Revv felt the enthusiasm,attending the three press days which were held just prior to the 2013 LAAS officially opening to the public on Friday, November 22.


BMW’s departure from the familiar nomenclature of the past has been received with mixed reviews from the dedicated German sports car community. It seems that the Bavarian automotive giant has decided to affix odd numbers to sedans and even numbers to coupes and convertibles. Of particular concern, to the performance motoring crowd, is that the lofty standard of the beloved M3 will be lowered with its replacement M4 coupe. BMW aficionados have been less than impressed with the redesigned M5. Claims that the M5 lacks guts, that the suspension is soft and mushy, and that the sports car temperament has been eliminated have fueled the fires of doubt about the new M4. The BMW faithful fear that a similar fate awaits the new M4, after all, the engineers who designed the M5 are still around.