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With more than 2,000 registered cars expected to be at this year's Big SoCal Euro Gathering, it was evident that this event was going to be no less than extraordinary. There’s no doubt that such an event requires a distinct venue with sufficient space to accommodate thousands of cars and spectators. The obvious choice was Qualcomm Stadium, which is home to the San Diego Chargers and can hold more than 70,000 raucous fans. The stadium has the second-largest parking lot in the United States, allowing it to host the great number of European cars that arrived.


For Luke Chen, the 1990s hold a special appeal for all things automotive. In his own words; “Aesthetics aside, I love cars with the perfect blend of modern technology and raw performance, and that’s why my favorite car era are sports cars from the ’90s. It’s got just the right amount of modern convenience without diluting the driving experience.” This is a sentiment we can very easily understand. The 1990s saw automakers more than a decade removed from the performance emissions regulations of the mid-’70s, gasoline was cheap, and electronic fuel injection was no longer a new and exotic technology. If you knew where to look, modern classics were blooming.