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  • 6/5/2013
Sup guys?!
So it took a while but I figure I would make a thread about my evo x as well. Apex Powered is my Mitsubishi tuning endeavor and this is one of the spokescars along with my matte black Turbonetics powered galant. You can follow us on Facebook under Apex Powered.

Power wise she's one of a kind as she is the only evo x to have a dsm turbo powering her. The evo x world is only now catching on to going T3 over modded stock frame turbos. Keep in mind this car has walked on built block evo x's on e85 making 502 whp on a mustang dyno on the highway.

-Stock Block
-Stock exhaust manifold with a twinscroll evo x to t3 converter flange welded on
-Custom built and ported Garrett 50 trim T3 turbo with a Precision Stage 3 exhaust wheel
-.63 A/R Dsm 4 bolt hotside 
-Custom made downpipe with wastegate dump
-Forge Rs Bov
-Perrin 3port electronic boost controller
-Deatchwerks long nozzle 1000cc injectors
-AEM Afpr 
-Boomba high flow aluminium fuel rail
-Custom wrinkle painted urban camo valve cover 
-Harmon Motive 3" intake
-Krank Vent one way valves (no positive crankcase pressure for me!)
-Nisei 1pc 2.5" upper intercooler pipe
-Depo 1pc 2.5" lower intercooler pipe
-Depo 3.5" intercooler
-Invidia/Ultimate Racing exhaust
-Act hdss clutch
-Apex Powered tuned 

-Password Jdm bumper quick release fasteners
-Custom blacked out halogen headlights (I only know of 4 evos with this lol)
-Carbon fog light deletes
-Carbon rear side spats
-Carbon front splitter covers
-Carbon vortex generator 
-Added SSS wing (Oem big wing)
-Added ralliart taillamps 
-18x9.5 +20 Rota grids
-15mm spacers
265/35 Hankook Ventus V12's
-Rally armor mudflaps (LOL they look good trust me wink)
-Burning blue Muteki open end lug nuts

- Blox 490 counterweight shift knob in torch blue

EDITED on 6/19/2013
Apex Powered -Founder & Automotive Enthusiast -Mitsubishi ECU calibration -Fuel Economy/Performance
  • 6/6/2013

great looking car,

  • 6/6/2013
Wow! Damn nice work
  • 6/6/2013
Yeah man, awesome work. I love the evo x's lines and entire front. Those wheels compliment them so damn well!

You coming out to the event this weekend at PPIR?
  • 6/6/2013
Thanks guys! I traded some wheels for the current set and its amazing the difference it made. 
Yep I'll be bringing her instead of the galant to the event at PPIR this Sat. with Matt from BHM. Cant wait to see everyone again!
Apex Powered -Founder & Automotive Enthusiast -Mitsubishi ECU calibration -Fuel Economy/Performance
  • 6/14/2013
This vehicle is one of the most recognized and talked about up in Denver and it is more than just the looks. Marc has come a long way with the EcuFlash tuning for this platform from when we first started with the software in 2010...if you want your Evo tuned 100% correctly, Marc's work reflects that on every vehicle he has tuned!
BlackHeart Motors (BHM) - Mitsubishi Certified Technician - Enthusiast - Owner
  • 6/14/2013
Thanks man! She definitely scoots and leaves people wondering! Hopefully there is a road course next event as well so she can get some track time
Apex Powered -Founder & Automotive Enthusiast -Mitsubishi ECU calibration -Fuel Economy/Performance
  • 6/19/2013
A few more photos!

Apex Powered -Founder & Automotive Enthusiast -Mitsubishi ECU calibration -Fuel Economy/Performance
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