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  • 4 months ago
Each student had to write an essay many times, but the first-year students have the most difficulty writing an essay. In my short article,I want to give some tips on how to write an essay in English.

1. Sketch a draft
If time for writing is limited, then use the draft. Throw a plan on it and write down the main thoughts. This will help to write an essay faster and not make a mistake in the final version.
2. Stick to the structure
Follow the general recommendations for the structure and do not exceed the volume of each section.
3. Be concise
Express your thoughts briefly without delving into reasoning.
4. Reason
Provide clear confirmation of the words when expressing your or someone else's point of view on the topic. Based on these arguments, draw a conclusion and conclusion.
5. Adhere to a formal style.
An official writing style is the best option for an essay, unless otherwise indicated. You should not use abbreviations, slang and colloquial expressions.
6. Use string words
Special words will help you to consistently express your thoughts, lead the reader to a conclusion and build the correct structure in the text.
7. Diversify vocabulary and grammar
Despite the fact that the essay is written in a formal style, it does not hurt to add a little brightness to it to give the text personality. If appropriate, use synonyms and beautiful words. As for grammar and compound sentences, use them only if you are confident in your knowledge. Otherwise, mistakes or misuse of time will not play into your hands.
8. Be correct
Often topics for an essay are acutely social issues, the opinion on which can be sharply polar. When expressing your thoughts on controversial occasions, you should be as correct as possible and not forget about elementary delicacy, tolerance and politeness.
9. Check for errors
Obvious, but extremely important advice. Take a look at the finished essay to check it for all sorts of errors and typos.
  • 3 months ago
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