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  • 5/22/2013
Originally posted by talonIV
I know mine is definitely typical but it is what brought me to love cars at a very young age, a 1970 Chevelle SS. Must have a 454. There is just something about this car... I would take one over an R34 if that says anything. And one indecisive follow up, a 1955 Chevrolet Truck. 2wd step side. 
Over a true R34?? That does say a lot! 

I think it's safe to say that a lot of classic cars have a place in all true enthusiasts hearts. There's just something about them that we all latch onto. Whether it's you grew up with them (heritage), were around them, wrenched on them, etc, or something just really stands out and you're like - damn. haha
  • 6/1/2013
Yep a true R34. Granted an R34 makes my panties drop lol, there is just something about that classic muscle of a  Chevelle that makes me go... DAMN! Haha tis true with old muscle, most my import friends stop and drool at the sight of an old dart, nova, etc...
If you talk the talk, you better crankwalk the walk.
  • 6/5/2013
I agree, it seems that most people, whatever their persuasion so respect the classic muscle!
  • 6/9/2013
Don't know what it is but America had it right back then. Or even the initial design of cars from the 40's and 50's. I say any car you can put tons of blood sweat and tears into is worth the restore.
If you talk the talk, you better crankwalk the walk.
  • 6/17/2013
Well said Talon! I really do wish I was brought up more around domestics so my appreciation would be deeper rooted in my own history.... but dad was always into Euros LOL
  • 6/18/2013
Haha thanks! My family was always into domestics. I love em. I want to know more about them! But when I was just about 18 my good friends got me into japanese imports.
If you talk the talk, you better crankwalk the walk.
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